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Developer: Snapp Cab

Category: Free Maps & Navigation Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 3.7.0

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: Varies with device

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Snapp is the largest ride-hailing app in the Middle East.
Snapp brings city transportation at your fingertip. From your smartphone, with just a few clicks, you can order a ride and arrive fast and convenient to your desired destination. No more parking problems or delays waiting for a commute. Even better than a normal taxi.

Snapp services:

- Snapp Eco: The most cost-efficient and quickest Snapp service
- Snapp Rose: Rides for ladies and families. All the drivers in this service are all ladies.
- Snapp Box: Transport your parcels and documents easily and swiftly with Snapp bike couriers
- Snapp Bike: Special service for transporting Snapp passengers with Snapp Bike Couriers.

Using Snapp is simple:

1. Select your location and destination on the map
2. View the trip price beforehand and touch “Request ride”
3. The nearest Snapp driver will pick you up

Snapp Benefits

- Pay by cash or credit
- Select a “second destination” during or before your trip
- Select “return trip” with the same ride
- Monitor your trip route live
- Share your trip info and route with friends and family
- Rate the drivers after your trip
- Get a receipt in your email after your trip
- Various discounts and offers
- 24/7 call center support even on holidays

Twitter Channel:
Instagram Channel:
Telegram Channel:
Support Center: 021- 41849000
Editor's Note

Snapp has designed and announced by Snapp Cab. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Snapp apk please check out our other applications from our website.


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    2 days ago mahdi entezarfaraj

    Its good in Iran

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    2 days ago Reza Moosavi

    قیمتا رو خیلی بالا برده دیگه واقعن نمی صرفه 😠

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    Its best

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  • user Reza Panahi apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Reza Panahi

    آپدیت مزخرف آخری باعث شده اسنپ بلافاصله بعد از باز شدن، ببنده و غیر قابل استفاده شده. آپدیت باید باعث بهبود نرم افزار بشه نه اینکه بدترش کنه

  • user Artin Adine apkdeer profile image
    3 days ago Artin Adine

    برای انتخاب مبدا و مقصد برنامه خیلی خطا داره و محل دقیقو نشون نمیده",[1568846232],0,null,null,["107994328288396597867","Artin Adine",null,[[null,2,null,[null,null,""]],true],[null,2,null,[null,null,""]]],"4.5.1",null,[[["vaf_never_display_useful_notifications"],["vaf_phase1_points_of_interest"],["vaf_rating_riders"]]]],["gp:AOqpTOFWAn1z4ct40AUHPez2W5Q_OogXsTrNvt_Q1EwLO84TnQkZgJXa6Avq_rw9EJB_lwszSVU_y0AteKlq9g",["Nazanin Taherian",[null,2,null,[null,null,""]]],1,null,"امنيت برنامتون در مقايسه با تپ سي صفره صفره تپ سي انحراف از مسير رو تشخيص ميده پيام اضطراري به واحد امنيت داره شما هيچکدوم اينارو ندارين واقعا متاسفم براتون قشنگ مشخصه امنيت براتون هيچ ارزشي نداره وگرنه بالا بردن امنيتش اصلا کاري نداشت حداقل ميتونستين از رقيبتون الگو بگيرين تا من الان اونو ب شما ترجيح ندم من ک پاک کردم تا امنيتشو بالا نبرين نصب نميکنم سرعت برنامتونم که هر دفعه کمتر ميشه و هنگ ها بيشتر ميشه ممنون بابت اين پيشرفت فوق العاده

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    نقطه یابی دقیقی نداره بعدشم هر ادرسی ک میزنی رو دقیق نمیاره