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Censored tags stickers apk

Download Censored tags stickers apk for free.

Censored tags stickers apk icon

Censored tags stickers

Create a censored picture to make some fun in a matter of seconds.

Select a picture you have on your phone or take it in the moment and start putting censor tags, just as if they were really censored by any organization.

When you are done with the picture save it and share with your friends or relatives. You can do it through the most popular social networks, messaging apps, email and the apps you have installed.

We have selected these stickers to get the job done

-Black bars to cover eyes / mounths...
-Gag tapes
-Censored posters and tags
-Pixelated faces
-Explicit content tag
-Forbiden signs
-Access denied posters
-Balaclava and masks
-And a text editor so you can place any text you want

Everything you need to censor your pictures in a fun way to surprise your friends.

You can also remove advertising if you want by buying an in app purchase for 0.50, you'll also support our work so we can keep doing more fun apps.


How To use

1. Get inside the stickers app.
2. Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture with your camera in the moment
3. Check available stickers in the stickers gallery
4. Select a sticker and position it in the screen. You can magnify, zoom it and rotate until it gets placed in the right spot
5. Select more stickers and repeat until you are thug enough
6. You can also write some text, edit it. Select also font size and color and zoom it or rotate it
7. When you are good enough, save the picture in your phone. You can also send it to friends right there.
8. And that's it, you are cool enough, use it as many times as you want for free


# Easy to use. Easy interface and experience.
# For free, use it as many times as you want
# Variety of stickers
# Low space on your phone
# Load pictures or take them instantly with the app


Finally, Do you miss something? Just let us know and we'll update with the new stickers.

Any other request or comment? no problem, place a review or contact us and we'll check it out asap.

Have a great time with the app

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Maeve Cummings

its a good App... just a little problem.. i don't know if its got more other fonts besides the five i'm seeing... also can't increase and decrease them 'fonts'... the colors.. i think add more color options.. these are too sharp... i like the App though...

Eva Morar

looks cool but doesn't work for censoring IG nipples. you can't zoom the base image so you can't make the stickers small enough. and it seems to have a problem properly rotating images. I've used it twice and deleted.

Richard Kihn I

Well, this is not good. The ad covers the controls and you can't see what they say. might have been a good app but it's useless as it is.

Jean Luettgen

My only complaint is that I wish there were more thing to choose from.. ie, handcuffs maybe police baton, whip ect.

Rachelle Rutherford

Too many adds, when i view an ad it removes all censored stickers for no reason...

Vicenta Crist

Not bad. There's some good stickers, but it would be nice if there was some small round blackout stickers.

Nathan Frami

don't know..nothing there...asked for a rate even before I see anything.

Monty Ledner

It's been very easy and a lot of fun to use I would recommend it

Ardella Luettgen

works well. I have to use several different apps one at a time because the are no comprehensive apps that allow you to complete an entire project at once. but this app does what it says.

Miss Izabella Lang

so far so good..... contains lots of ads but i suppose that is the pricec one pays for being too cheap to buy the ones that cost and ate w/o ads, right