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Package Name: com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en

Developer: Sunborn Games

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Version: 2.0312_289

Requirements: Android 15 and above

File Size: 66M

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Girls' Frontline Screenshot
Girls' Frontline Screenshot
Girls' Frontline Screenshot
Girls' Frontline Screenshot

Girls' Frontline

The year is 2060.

War has plunged the world into chaos and darkness, and the responsibility of restoring order falls onto those of us who have survived.

Now is the time to revisit your past. Make use of your gift in tactics and command your T-Dolls in the struggle to unveil the far-reaching conspiracy that permeates the world.

For the sake of mankind and our future, join us... GRIFFIN & KRYUGER Private Military Contractor.

【Game Features】

◎ Strategic mobilization and maneuvers
Gain the upper hand in battles through the use of operation strategies on maps that enable free deployment and withdrawal of multiple teams!

◎ Hands-on battles in real time
Have the frontline engage enemies and the backline deal damage. Turn the tables by changing your T-Dolls’ formation and position during battle!

◎ 100+ Anthropomorphic firearm characters
Over a hundred classic firearms in every era all the way from WWII to modern times await your orders, all designed by famous illustrators!

◎ Character cultivation and skill upgrade
Cultivate your T-Dolls by leveling up their skills, dummy-linking and calibrating their equipment to enhance their performance in battle!

◎ An illustrious cast of voice actors
Enjoy the magnificent performance brought by A-list Japanese voice actors such as Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, Ai Kayano, and Haruka Tomatsu!

◎ Dormitory and Costumes
Give your T-Dolls a funky, cozy home by furnishing their dormitory with décor of various styles!
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  • 1 day ago Mark of Quotes

    i can't believe i sold my soul to yet another gacha game

  • 2 days ago John Paul Marbella

    the closest thing I'll get to have guns and girls

  • 2 days ago MR_JIBLETS

    raifus are now my laifus

  • 2 days ago prylosec or something

    I went into this expecting it to be terrible, i had seen a ton of hype on /k/ for the release and i decided to give it a shot, i was shocked by how much i enjoyed it and i shall continue to play it

  • 3 days ago Jhonny Thunder

    Can't download the game. Keeps failing on start up and I've cleared my cache countless times.

  • 3 days ago Blue Memesauce

    not that much gameplay you just grind until you get good guns and level them up until thwy can kill everything it also needs alot of space for the raifu pictutes

  • 4 days ago D Weeks

    Great art, great devs, great mechanics and adorable characters with a fascinating story. Can't say much else without spoiling anything. Just play it!

  • 4 days ago miguel silva

    It's addicting, but doesn't feel like a chore. Also, best luck in getting Five-seveN.

  • 4 days ago Aaron Lapiana

    currently paid money for gems, but did not receive any. gave me a delay message but waited for hours and still nothing.

  • 5 days ago -BAGELBOB -

    I absolutely adore this I've kind of hit a wall because it's been playing the same level over and over trying to level my Tdolls up and my 1 girl has been being upgraded but stats barely getting higher but I love this game because you dont have to pay to play at all and I highly recommend this to people possibly my favorite is when you use the factory to build a doll you have an okay chance at getting a strong character