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Starship battle

Starship Battle, travel space and conquer.
Play against others worldwide.
Starship Battle is a Sci-Fi RTS game that allows you to traverse an endless universe with loads of planets to conquer,
and pits you against a max of 30 other commanders from around the world.
With over 100 stages to explore, you can collect resources and create diverse starships.
Experience intense battles with a max of 30 other commanders spread across the vast cosmos.

Try your hand at PVP battles in 1v1, 5v5, and Survival modes.
▷▶ Travel across space and collect resources!
- Conquer the planets or enter PVP battles to acquire mineral and gas resources.
- Build refineries and expand mines to gather resources 24/7.
- Gather resources more efficiently by using workers with high mining skills.
▷▶ Get and upgrade various skills!
- Upgrade skills to increase attack, defense, evasion, and your fleet’s basic skills.
- Improve your starship and develop its many parts to earn victory in this space war.
▷▶ Develop a strong starship and try to construct the best fleet!
- From missile fighters to ion laser battleships, create and choose from 43 different starships.
- Make an offensive or defensive starship based on your strategy.
- Place the right pilot in your starship to improve its performance.
▷▶ Start developing parts seen in Sci-Fi universes!
- Develop 80 types of parts and install them on your starship to upgrade it.
- Parts can offer bonuses to attack, defense, and evasion based on its type.
▷▶ Use your starship efficiently and perfect your strategy!
- Form a fleet with your starships and take them into battle.
- You can have up to 3 preset fleets, and pick the one that the situation calls for.
- The war for survival in this endless space has begun.
language:korean, English, ภาษาไทย, Vietnamese, japanese, Indonesia, Malay, Français, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, العربية, 中文(繁體), 简体中文

*Back up your game data with Google Cloud Save. So you can recall your data whenver you have to re-install the game.
*Deleting the app also wipes out all data.
Plan for updates
1. Added infinite mode (2Q)
- Battle against many enemies that appear as -wave
- Additional application of enemy ship design
2. Add campaign mode (2Q)
-5 Galaxy 50 Planets (Sub planet in galaxy additionally produced)

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Ms. Hallie Hayes

The game has the illusion of strategy, but the mechanics aren't there. You fight opponents in a \"eye of the storm\" battlefield, directing your ships to intercept enemies, allowing them to auto-fire their weapons. Battles are just slug matches, because enemies function the same way. Again, the illusion of strategy. Tons of customizing options (crew, components, mines, etc.) for you minusha players. Enjoyable for a literal 10 minutes.

Chloe Heathcote

Sometimes when I use warp to move at space station ( hack it) I port exactly under that station. After that I can't move. Only way how get away is again use warp.

Oma Kreiger

I love the game! It's a great space strategy, BUUT, The multiplayer is clearly fake, and just AI with names. it loads too fast, other fleets have no strategy and just brawl, no connection lag. Rename PVP to 'Single Player Skirmish' till you make a actual multiplayer. Suggestions for ships: ▪Carriers ▪Frigates (Take one plot, but have 2 ships in said plot but counts as only half a ship per plot for the fact they would be absolutely miniscule to the battleships) ▪Repairdrone carrier (team heal 2

Mr. Clyde Reinger

Good time killer, I'm progressing through all stages. It is about doing and attacking enemies ships which I think is an original idea On the final levels of each stages, I find it hard to kill the big ship, is there anyway of killing it at all? If so make a tutorial or tell us an effective way.

Miss Joelle Wiegand

this game has everything i wanted in a spaceship game! rts, upgrades, customization. a perfect game. thats why its so cruel that it crashes instantly the last enemy on saturn and the pvp mode. i usually only write 5 star reviews, but damn, this game killed me. i was so excited i spent an hour figuring out the optimum upgrades fpr each ship, never to get to see how they worked. i cant delete, its too good. please fix

Adeline Waters

Don't get me wrong, it's a really good game for an app that's just been released. Still, it does need some work. The graphics when destroying ships look a little iffy, and the PvP is basically you against AI. That being said, maybe you can put a bit more work on the ship designs? They look a bit plain.

Julio Abernathy V

A starship game that is cool \u003e_\u003c I can't wait for more future updates on this game, keep up the good work :)

Berniece VonRueden

haven't played the game for myself yet but i seen these creater replies with the best positivity! this game from the images looks amazing and I really hope they do add multiplayer from one of the comments I seen

Seth Herzog

Needs multiplayer!! has low player base?! bots nvr jump hyperspace as far as ive seen. The ion cannon is too op: the ion defense is 5 percent stop probability which would be nvr. shuts down all defenses armor and shields so no matter how much shielding (boom) no defense, ship is gone! and the amount of ships is limited as well as supply so nerf ion or make ion armor 85 percent at base up to 100. stations should not Fire at Rate they do. deter not endgame stations. Maybe reduce ion fire rate too?

Marisa Parisian

It's need more improvement on graphics , it's need to specify to single ship battle because after selecting place all ship go together not marking a ship seperately but good luck it's enjoyable.