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Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS apk

Download Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS apk for free.

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS apk icon

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS

Critical Strike is a fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS counter terrorist game.
Are you a fan of the good old counter terrorists battles? Here is some news for you: There is the best 3D First Person Shooter in real-time.
Take the part in the vanguard at the battlefield of Critical Strike!

Play with friends or other players, you will love the shooting experience on your mobile device! It is FREE to play !
Compete with people around the world and show your skills.

★ AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls!
★ Small size (80 MB, No additional downloads)
★ 6 maps to try different tactics!
★ 25 Weapons: guns, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!
★ 5 combat game modes to play with your friends and worldwide players!
★ Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

✪ Team Deathmatch ✪ Team vs Team battle (counter terrorist VS terrorist team)
✪ Free for all ✪ It's kill or be killed. Kill the other players as many times as you can.
✪ Defuse the Bomb ✪ Terrorist team plant the bomb. Counter team defuse the bomb.
✪ Private room ✪ Call your friends to play together in same room.
✪ Custom Match ✪ Create your own games (create any game maps/rules)

✪ Chat with your friends and other players★★★
✪ Great 3D graphics and sound, so perfectly adapted for New Action Games.★★★
✪ Up to 5vs5 multiplayer online PvP battle mode, fair fight!★★★
✪ Use less mobile data in real-time matches.★★★
✪ TOP 10 Online PvP FPS gun game!★★★
✪ Many teams for counter (SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal...)★★★
✪ Many teams for terrorist (Anarchist,Gangster,Balkans...)★★★

This year’s best graphics 3D First Person Shooter experience will make you spend your time playing Critical Strike!
If you are dead don’t forget where you get hit for counter attack get your revenge!
Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!
If you always wanted to play a great multiplayer shooter on your mobile device, your dreams are now true!
You can enjoy the improved graphics and enticing sound effects of this free online games!
Are you ready to strike counter enemies?
Awesome Multiplayer FPS CS game GO!
First person shooter and multiplayer shooting game made with Unity to optimize online FPS gun experience.
Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you!
Download now and join the Critical Strike community!

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Christine Rowe

GREAT CSS CLONE GUYS!!!, but there are two major things that must me added, 1; more counter strike maps, what i mean by this is to add maps like infero, dust, and dust II. and 2; make the game less pay to win, like make the Awp one shot instead of having the players who bought up destroy you. GREAT GAME!!!

Hannah Ziemann MD

Warst experience., it takes lot of time to open saying that internet error, even though there is a high speed internet. And as it uses the internet, it should use internet only for game but it gives ads every time you finish a game. Dont download it guys.

Dr. Hertha Dibbert Jr.

it is a nice game. me and my friends love to play it but there should be more maps for death team matchs beacuse old maps became little bit boring. we don't want defuse maps. we want some more maps for death team matchs.

Mr. Clinton Jacobi IV

This game is amazing! I love to play it in my past time! The only thing is, though, is that I will be playing a match, and then I get kicked off. The game says that I had poor connection, yet I had full bars. Other than that, I recommend this game if you love shooting games and team playoffs!

Prof. Nikko Senger Sr.

Basic in content, map structure not bad but also basic and the graphics are also vwry basic. No customised HUD option which is annoying and gunplay is terrible at best. Crosshair is to big and unable to change and movement is just fooating around with no gun sway or effect to movement when firing. Better FPS multiplayer games on the Google Store tonchoose from. I am trying them all and already have some favourites and this is not one of them sorry.

Maya Raynor

the controller got problem... can u fix it at one place... even i changed from custom setting also still got problem like when fire then got movement together... custom setting controller as set what u like and save it after then got different... like controller got bug...

Jamal Hickle

Im pretty sure i gave this a 5 star must have been my little brother messing in my phone and somehow he got here...anyways the game is fine im just saying theres need to be AI since i don't have any mobile data yet so sorry about that. and i wanna play on the go obviously until i get a contract and i can probably play online anyways that was it. also the playermodels look a little too taller than yourself. also the upgrades should stop existing cause the upgrades feel the same.

Magdalen Friesen

The first problem is that it takes a large number of bullet to kill a terrorist or a counter terrorist. The second problem is that it sometimes doesn't hit the target especially far ones. I will also humbly request you to improve the graphics and gameplay .Please always don't give the same attack place or ground and also bigger the name space.One more problem is that it shows wrong no.of kills and the doesn't hit the target on the first sight.

Broderick Kerluke Jr.

Well this is the best multiplayer shooting fps game i have gotten over android. Seems like you're playing counter strike games. Would be great if we can play it with bots too. Time duration of game should be increased. 4 min is very little time n sometimes it frustrates me off.

Shea Kerluke

The game seems to be exactly like the one i used to play on my pc years back .Superb graphics and even a bit tactical game also aiming on head helps kill faster. Only reason i gave 3 stars is except while playing in POOLDAY in all other venues the game switch back itself referring to weak connection though while at poolday the whole game goes off until the end successfully. So i am a bit confused whether it exactly the weak connection or sometime else.