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Package Name: org.mistergroup.muzutozvednout

Developer: Mister Group s.r.o.

Category: Free Communication Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 2019.06.11014

Requirements: Android 14 and above

File Size: 13M

Should I Answer? Obsolete Version Screenshot
Should I Answer? Obsolete Version Screenshot
Should I Answer? Obsolete Version Screenshot
Should I Answer? Obsolete Version Screenshot
Should I Answer? Obsolete Version Screenshot

Should I Answer? Obsolete Version

IMPORTANT: if you have Android version 6 and higher, consider using our brand new app version with simplier user interface, full dialer functionality and better support of newer Android versions - can be downloaded from link

For migration from older app please folllow link

Should I Answer is free mobile security application protecting you against unsolicited, expensive, unwanted or unknown calls.

Should I answer the call? This question can come into a mind of every person who sees an unknown incoming call. Each of us had (or will have) the opportunity to face the unsolicited call, telemarketing campaign, advertisement or some kind of fraud call. How should we find out that the calling number is harmless and answering it will not cost us tens of minutes of precious time or significant amount of money?

Notification Features
• Displays phone number rating immediately when phone starts ringing
• Does not touch or display ratings for your numbers stored in contacts!
• Works offline – uses offline rating database (internet connection not needed)
• Fast access to detailed phone number information and user reviews
• Fast access to write own review

Optional Blocking Features
• Blocks calls from hidden numbers
• Blocks calls to premium rate numbers
• Blocks calls to foreign countries
• Blocks calls from/to negative rated numbers
• Blocks calls from numbers defined on private block list
• Can blocks all calls from numbers which are not in contact list!
• Never blocks or touch any number from your contact list!

Online Manual:


How is the database of ratings and numbers created?
The database is built-up by the community of all users who have the application installed and/or visiting the application pages. The users can anonymously send ratings and reviews for public phone numbers (we do not collect info for private numbers) based on real answered calls. These ratings are stored in central server database where our admins can check them and after evaluation and approval the reviews with ranking are then distributed to all mobile phones with our application installed.

Why the application demands access to contacts and phone calls in my mobile?
Such information are used by the application to distinguish between your private contacts stored in your mobile and new incoming calls – so the rating form is displayed only for new not rated/not private numbers in your history. Your private contacts are never sent to server (generally speaking they never leave your mobile).
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  • user Kami Corporation apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Kami Corporation

    Excelente, principalmente, por see colaborativo.

  • user Gillian Davenoort apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Gillian Davenoort

    Extremely useful

  • user Fiona Wilson apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Fiona Wilson

    So far I am happy with this app😊

  • user Kathy Morales apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Kathy Morales

    Great app. Helps to stop the telemarketers

  • user robert hunt apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago robert hunt


  • user Sharron Reed apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Sharron Reed

    The best phone blocker ever it actually block nussience calls. Thanks should I answer..

  • user Ke Sun apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Ke Sun

    Annoying popup

  • user Cheri Hill apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Cheri Hill

    One of the best apps on my phone. Saves countless hours of unnecessary interuption by unwanted calls.

  • user Mimi Martin apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Mimi Martin

    Very helpful. When bought new phone I made sure this app was reinstalled. Glad I have app. Really no down side for me.

  • user A Google user apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago A Google user

    This is a mean looking app and it does a nasty job. Good job. The more calls that I get the better this app works. Sometimes I have to delete a call from voicemail. Haven't had voicemail for about a month. Thans for the good work. I dont have a lot of calls coming in that needs blocking. Thanks again. You have blocked all numbers but one. It was able to go to voicemail. I have to check that one out when I get time. I've not had any more problem with a number going to voicemail. Thanks again .