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thredUP - Shop & Sell Clothing apk

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thredUP - Shop & Sell Clothing

thredUP isn't your typical thrift store. Discover the world's largest consignment and secondhand shopping destination for women and kids' clothes:
** Shop over 35,000 brands -- ALL up to 90% off retail.
** Discover thousands of arrivals EVERY hour.
** Enjoy easy payment via Paypal, Google Pay, and credit card.
** Get 20% off your 1st mobile app order with code: HELLOMOBILE*

Looking for items so good they could be mistaken for brand new at up to 90% off? Find them on our shopping app.

Find new arrivals EVERY HOUR, from womenswear (inc. plus size and petite) and accessories, to maternity and kids' clothing! Plus, discover 35,000 brands including favorites like J. Crew, Anthropologie, Gap, Lululemon, and Ann Taylor LOFT.

Never make a trip to the mall again, everything's delivered right to your door! Orders ship via FedEx or USPS and arrive in 3-7 business days.

Got an overflowing closet? Make room for more goodies and give your pre-loved clothes a second life by sending them to us!

No more hauling your goods to thrift stores, or devoting time and energy to listing it yourself. We do the work for you. Simply order a Clean Out Kit or FREE shipping label, fill it up, and send it back for a little cash! Or you could choose to donate for a worthy cause!

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Madelynn Bergnaum Jr.

Okay to buy, certainly not to sell. I sent them a bag mixed with premium fashion, luxury items and kids clothes (think YSL, Opening Ceremony, sunglasses, shoes, etc.) didn't spend less than $100 bucks on the women's items and they offered $1/piece for them. Will just go with a luxury consignment shop next time and hope that the stuff they don't post gets donated accordingly. Bought a few things and it's not consistent in quality. They were on sale though, so you get what you pay for.

Walter Wilkinson

This app used to be perfect. Over the past 6 months it has gotten more expensive by charging a restocking fee for returns and charging for the donation bag to be sent to you, which used to be free. However, they do offer a free downloadable label now if you have a box of your own you can use to send your donations. Overall, if you are looking to earn cash or put your gently used clothes to good use, this app is still the best. Items not sold are used in an eco-conscious way. Everyone wins:)

Mrs. Dakota Huels

I wanted to try thred up, not knowing what to expect. I sent my bag with no expense to send it, it got to the warhouse but then took forever to get proccessed and accepted. Then sending some valuable peices I got such a small expected payout, which is what you get in the end even if your items do sell. When they sell and you get the money in your account you can access your money until 14 days after. They dont price things correctly and you really are better off selling your stuff on let go.

Audrey Shields

Theu seened trustworthy, but i sent my bag into them a month ago and havent heard a peep. I tried to message and it said someone would be back to be in a couple hours, 24 hours. With how poor the customer service and timely manner is, I'm not going to buy off their website. It makes me very wary the way they have been acting.

Theo Smith

This is a one and done. Like many others, what I received for what I sent is ridiculously low. I will, from now on , just give my items to local charities where at least I know someone in my own community will benefit. The process to get my cash back is confusing. I don't want to purchase anything. However, for what little I will receive it's not worth the hassle trying to figure out the complicated process to receive my money back.

Jaren Ortiz

I love ThredUP and it's support of earth conscious, second hand fashion! However, this review is for the app specifically. I'm not impressed. The search feature is basically useless - it only seems to search for brand name, not produce description, and sometimes doesn't work at all. For example: I searched \"linen pants\" and received search results for item from the brand Line. I searched \"midi dress\" and got results for Fendi boots and Mimi Chica dresses. Shipping and processing are SLOW.

Anya Pouros

It's hard to reach someone who will help you. I placed a $192.00 order did not receive a tracking number. I tried to call the number listed on my bank statement, it led to a recording stating that the phone number did not belong to ThredUp and no messages would be returned. I sent an email to ThredUp and have yet to hear from them. Sent a second email today. I like the idea of an online thrift store but most probably won't do business with them again due to lack of communication.

Prof. Blake Lemke

The app doesn't sync any favorites or purchase history from your account when you sign in. I browse Thredup on mobile and on my computer but I don't like to make purchases on mobile. Since none of my activity syncs between mobile and desktop, there's basically no point to even using the app. I'll just use my Chrome app to browse the site I guess.

Destin Grant

sent a bag of all new stuff and they only posted 35 items and offered me a payout of like 27 bucks and i sent a brand new leather jacket with tags that was never posted i was expecting to get a lot more for my items especially when they price them damn near at the price the store would. I've already sent out my second bag but that was before i peeped what they were doing. how are they getting over like that? if i wanted to give my stuff away i would've just donated them.

Juvenal Durgan

okay to buy from but dont bother selling. they will give you 50 cents for an item in perfect condition that they will sell for $20. I get that they need to make a profit but they wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for the sellers, so why dont you give them more incentive. I would rather donate the clothes to people who need them.