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Package Name: com.nicusa.utdwrmobile

Developer: NIC Inc.

Category: Free Sports Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0.7

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 19M

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Utah Hunting and Fishing Screenshot
Utah Hunting and Fishing Screenshot
Utah Hunting and Fishing Screenshot
Utah Hunting and Fishing Screenshot

Utah Hunting and Fishing

Utah Hunting and Fishing is the official application of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Utah DWR is the mobile resource for wildlife events, licenses, permits, information and communication with the Utah DWR for outdoor enthusiasts.


License download - now you can have licenses on your phone for you and your family!

Hunt unit boundaries - show the hunt boundary of the unit that matches your permit.

Event feed - choose which type events you'd like to see.

Shooting hours - pick a date and display the legal shooting hours.

Fish identifier - helps to identify fish species found in Utah

Upland Game identifier - helps to determine upland game species in Utah

Waterfowl identifier - helps to determine those waterfowl species that have special hunt regulations

Report a poacher - number and online form to report suspicious activities

Links to draw information - look up your points and eligibility

Walk-In Access finder - helps locate walk in access properties

More features to come!
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  • 1 week ago Larry Stevens

    it would appear that the last update broke the log in function. No longer let's me log in and get licenses. also lost my saved licenses. guess it's back to paper

  • 1 week ago Connie Cook

    needs the birthday look up updated. for some of us born 40 years ago, trying to get back to that date is a pain.

  • 2 weeks ago Andrew Meyer

    Same as the others, forced to scroll back by month to my birthdate. Dogshit app.

  • 2 weeks ago Sarah Watts

    can't log in..... can't type in dob field... makes you scroll back by months from current month and year. i don't have that time on my hands to scroll back 40 years.

  • 3 weeks ago Steven McFarland

    Difficult to use on a Cell Phone. Hard to navigate and didn't follow sequential logical steps with easy to understand example responses, such as date of birth format (example didn't match input \u0026 created an error and rejection of the form [rejected slashes when that is what the example showed], etc.).

  • 1 month ago Adam Lee

    Tried to load my license onto my phone and just says loading. Total waste, buy a paper one like grandpa did.

  • 1 month ago Scott Lee

    The developer needs to put the birthday year in blue so you know to select it. I had to scroll back 50 years to my birthday because I was unaware that you could just click on the year. But other than that the app seems good.

  • 1 month ago Cole Walters

    Nice looking app. Needs a couple enhancements. 1.) The login date of birth field needs to be capable of accepting manual entry. It currently requres the user to choose a date from a calendar that does not allow easy input of the year. 2.) There needs to be an exit app capability.

  • 1 month ago Doug Fox

    live fishing data would be nice .

  • 1 month ago Kris Bellah