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Garden Design

Creating a garden can be one of the cravings desirable by the residents who want a beautiful and cool atmosphere around the house. In addition to adding a beautiful impression, the park is also a special attraction and prevent a home from the impression of arid and dry. Park around the house can also be a means of playing children play or just a means to sit down to relax while drinking tea all family members to remove fatigue, especially if family members can gather together just like a holiday.


Then how to make the most easy garden and terms will be beautiful & cool? This time blog will provide just information and tips for those of you who want to create a garden disekiar or yard of the house, like in front of the house, beside the house or garden behind the house. The things that must be considered before creating a garden include:
Concepts & Ideas
Land / Location
Materials and tools
Supporting tools


Actually the style / design to make the garden depends on the concept of each individual, and of course each person has a different garden design interests, so that although the tools and materials used the same, the results of the park is not the same in accordance with the creativity of each person. Make the park is like art (art) so that people's views must be different, for that in this article will also be displayed various examples of different types of parks with different concepts.


First, first determine the land around the house that wants to be made into a garden, if the land is not too big / narrow, then the concept of the park is a minimalist garden. And vice versa if the land is large enough you can create a suitable garden. You can level the soil first and then be given fertilizer for fertile soil for growth of grass & plants.


After the Land is completed, prepare the materials and tools needed to make the garden. The materials used can include:
Plants (Grass, Trees, Flowers, Shrubs, Bonsai, etc.)
Pebbles / Artificial Stone
Natural stones
As for alat2nya can use:
Shovels, hoes, sickles, saws, etc., if you want to add a design of rocks or a wall of a small wall of course you need sand, cement, stone, water, etc.


In addition to the plant as the main object in the park, you can add supporting suggestions to make the park look more attractive, and also become a means of recreation / relaxation. As :
Pool / Fountain
Table chair etc.


In order for the garden is always kept clean and the beauty of course you have to perform simple maintenance, such as cleaning the leaves of a dry leaf, watering plants to not wither, or cut the plant if it is too high / long.
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  • 1 week ago Hassan Limamu

    it's a good app for those that appreciates gardens

  • 1 week ago Michael Taylor

    sadly didnt get to try it. each time i opened it, an advert was shown, upon closing the advert the app crashed. After 5 attempts i uninstalled.

  • 2 weeks ago Gwen Vokes

    I wouldn't give this app any stars - these were given by mistake. it is nothing but a series of pictures and I don't have any elephants to put in my garden!

  • 1 month ago Tharidu Dilruksha

    good app

  • 1 month ago Wameya Wekesa


  • 1 month ago Khaled Nazar

    Bad \u0026 useless

  • 2 months ago Valy Mahomed

    Inspiring design.

  • 2 months ago aj addo

    best garden app ever!

  • 2 months ago Cate Musila

    good designs

  • 2 months ago Shyam Jambagi