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My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose

You are… the heir to a mafia group?!
Get to know three girls as you delve deep into the conflicts of the mafia!

You play as the protagonist, a young man who attends high school in the city.
From the outside, you appear to be an average high school student. However, you have one big secret…
You are the heir to the city’s most notorious mafia organization and must go through your daily life making up stories in order to hide your identity.
One day, a cute girl transfers into your school. Both her looks and personality attract you, but you soon find out that she is the daughter of the rival mafia group.

Will these star-crossed lovers receive a happy ending?!

【The Rival Mafia Group’s Daughter】Ray
Ray looks like a calm and gentle girl at first glance.
However, with a strong sense of determination she is able to face tough situations.
She resists her father’s wishes for her to marry an official within her organization.

【The Daughter of a Mafia Group Official】Lindsay
Lindsay is strong-willed and has a hard time being honest, causing her words to often come off as harsh.
She belongs to the same mafia group as the protagonist and thinks proudly of her position.
Although she respects the protagonist, she is impatient and sometimes hard on him because he does not want to have anything to do with the mafia.

【The Police Superintendent’s Daughter】Gen
Loyal to a fault, Gen can be a little emotionally unstable.
She falls in love with the protagonist after he saves her life and is willing to do anything for him.
Although she is the daughter of the police superintendent, she does not want to hide behind her father and as a result tends to get herself mixed up in dangerous situations.

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Adalberto Shanahan DVM

Ok i'm in chapter 3 and i can already tell what gameplay will be like the rest of the game. Mind you i am not referring to the story btw. Having people pay for a game listed as free isn't bad, but the way it was done so was. In a game where your decisions matter and influence gameplay and over 40 percent of your options aren't available is straight up stupid. The smarter way of going about this would have been to make them watch videos for gems. Everyone has access equally no bitching.

Ms. Aimee Fadel V

The story was somewhat interesting therefore it gets 3 stars just for that. However, you are supposed to be able to choose your love interest so shouldnt your character be open to them all? Its really annoying how the protagonist keeps going on and on about a single character...\"What about Ray?\". If you wanted to make a linear story where the protagonist ends up with a particular character you should have done that instead of giving \"choices\" while you keep pushing one character on the readers.

Winifred Kling

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. The only problem that you get 1 ruby for each episode. That is the only problem. I feel if you continue at this rate you will do great things, amazing games, and you will maybe become one of the best game conpanys if your already at this point then you will become the best. I will always support you. All of us will no matter what.

Sean Emmerich II

I'm about halfway through, but it seems like it is only really possible to interact with Gen and Ray through premium choices. The thing is while I would prefer the tsundere route anyway, the game choices usually force you towards the premium girls. Otherwise, some of your decisions have no impact on the game itself, but the story isn't bad and the art is mostly good.

Linnea Farrell

I played mod version so I didn't have to spend money bc it is so pathetic that people are sinking car and house payments into games. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE. Music was great, new art, animation and gfx rocked, and the story gets deep, but... THIS IS HARDLY choose your romance when you can tell from chapter 1 that the story is focused on Ray. Gen helped tons and Lindsay was a true homie, but there wasn't enough respect for supporting roles. Lastly, the cop-boss is a fail. NO pokerface.

Dr. Elva Bahringer

I love all of your games, because I actually get to play as a male (as I am), and pursue female love interests. But as far as THIS game goes...The artwork has greatly improved, and now offers a smoother, modern, and of higher visual quality for the characters. Also, unlike most of your other stories, I actually liked ALL 3 female characters, and had a hard time choosing which one, as they are all likable, and all had unique personalities! And they didn't appear super young, like they usually do.

Candido Langosh

Scummy Business Tactic I have genuinely enjoyed all of Genius' prior titles even with the gem restriction only allowing for 1 or 2 premium choices however this new game lacks that. As you can no longer earn free gems the game becomes pointless as every option feels lackluster. So much so that I cant even be bothered to finish the rest of the game. Its a shame that such an interesting story and character designs have been wasted just to milk a few extra £/$ from the customers. Im disgusted.

Bernice Farrell

An interesting story, bit the fact that every other choice is locked behind a paywall is a major downfall in my opinion. perhaps get rid of the premium choices and just allow people to pay to recharge their story tickets faster, but still get the full story.

Christ Veum

WOW THE ART STYLE IS SO NEW. I thought the art style was going to be more like My Devil Girlfriends and My Vampire Girlfriends etc. But it has great graphics!(Not that the other games dont have great graphics and art style. This one is just a really good one)

Mr. Oswaldo Lehner PhD

i honestly do love these games/ visual novels and thay look great too but its a 2 star because the simple fact that you are given 25 rubies at the start, enough for the first premium choice, and every choice after that cost more than the 25 given so there is no way to get the story you want unless you actually pay for it and this seriously ruins the experience