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Package Name: com.genius.mafiagirl

Developer: Genius Inc

Category: Free Entertainment Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 47M

My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose Screenshot
My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose Screenshot
My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose Screenshot
My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose Screenshot
My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose Screenshot

My Mafia Girlfriend: Romance You Choose

You are… the heir to a mafia group?!
Get to know three girls as you delve deep into the conflicts of the mafia!

You play as the protagonist, a young man who attends high school in the city.
From the outside, you appear to be an average high school student. However, you have one big secret…
You are the heir to the city’s most notorious mafia organization and must go through your daily life making up stories in order to hide your identity.
One day, a cute girl transfers into your school. Both her looks and personality attract you, but you soon find out that she is the daughter of the rival mafia group.

Will these star-crossed lovers receive a happy ending?!

【The Rival Mafia Group’s Daughter】Ray
Ray looks like a calm and gentle girl at first glance.
However, with a strong sense of determination she is able to face tough situations.
She resists her father’s wishes for her to marry an official within her organization.

【The Daughter of a Mafia Group Official】Lindsay
Lindsay is strong-willed and has a hard time being honest, causing her words to often come off as harsh.
She belongs to the same mafia group as the protagonist and thinks proudly of her position.
Although she respects the protagonist, she is impatient and sometimes hard on him because he does not want to have anything to do with the mafia.

【The Police Superintendent’s Daughter】Gen
Loyal to a fault, Gen can be a little emotionally unstable.
She falls in love with the protagonist after he saves her life and is willing to do anything for him.
Although she is the daughter of the police superintendent, she does not want to hide behind her father and as a result tends to get herself mixed up in dangerous situations.
Editor's Note

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  • 1 day ago CrazySilent

    very very AWESOME!! The story in these games are so great and on point and i hope they are gonna make even more so i wont get bored

  • 2 days ago Dewidi P

    only thing that bothered me was some of the language . it got lost somewhere in translating it to english

  • 3 days ago samalexleo

    I hate cliffhangers

  • 3 days ago Its Jaceen

    this doesnt deserve 9th place

  • 4 days ago mr won


  • 5 days ago Joe Smith

    The plot is interesting and you cant really help be intrigued by whats going on however it relies too much on making you want to spend cash. It feels like its incomplete if you skip out on some of the \"ultimate\" choices. There needs to be more ways to get points for rubies or better yet allow everyone start off with 90 rubies so we could have atleast 3 best choices from the start. I make it known again the minigame is just a pain, please either increase points from it or change it.

  • 6 days ago Dragonblazer142

    loved it

  • 6 days ago Just watch

    good story

  • 6 days ago Syriku-P

    the story was fun and now that I can watch ads to get the premium story's I want and get all the endings I want at the end it's worth it keep it up genius inc with the ads for Ruby's and with the great story's and cute characters and I'll keep on giving good reviews.

  • 6 days ago Ange Keleba

    i did not see that comming jk