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Package Name: com.lympo.lymporun

Developer: Lympo Team

Category: Free Health & Fitness Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.3.3

Requirements: Android 21 and above

File Size: 26M

Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn. Screenshot
Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn. Screenshot
Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn. Screenshot
Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn. Screenshot

Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn.

Lympo rewards you to achieve daily walking & running challenges for a healthy lifestyle!

Keeping your motivation to follow active habits every day can be hard sometimes. Lympo rewards you with LYM tokens, which hold real money value for completing daily walking or running challenges. It’s like earning cash! And you can use it to buy Amazon gift cards, sports goods like sneakers or the last smartphone right in the app!

🏃 Join new challenges every day
🕒 Walk, run and track your activity
💰 Earn money after completion
📱 Share your challenge achievements
🎾 Buy cool products with your rewards
👫 Join the Lympo fitness community with thousands of others!

Get paid for being active 🏃💰

Every day is a new opportunity to move! Lympo is a real kick-starter for you to go out and to walk or run. There are challenges for anyone: small walk for lunch, 5K jogging for beginners or long distances for marathon runners. We track your performance and once a challenge is achieved, the money (tokens) will be automatically deposited to your in-app wallet. It’s that simple.

Spend your rewards in Lympo Shop 📱🎾

Lympo Shop is the place to buy quality sporting goods and accessories by top global brands. You need new running shoes? Buy them with the money - LYM tokens - which you’ve earned by being active and living a healthier life! We update the products regularly with running shoes, sports clothes, work-out accessories and even Apple products like smartwatches. Stay tuned, we also organize “Giveaway” challenges to win Amazon gift cards & other cool gifts.

Adopt healthy habits 💪

Earn money is a part of the reward. Moving with purpose will definitely change the way you see fitness work-out. Bring daily active habits in your life makes you happier and it makes you appreciate healthy living. This will inspire you to move more and more and get that extra mile. Lympo gives you the motivation to perform your fitness training, it helps you to run for weight loss, or it just makes you move more than usual.

Keep track of your achievements ⌚️

Let’s talk about improvement! You can only improve if you keep track of your achievements, right? All the challenges that you achieved are stored in your history and you can see how better you performed. For each challenge, you can choose the GPS tracking or the steps counter. We also collect run & walk distance and average speed. Forget your old habits, step by step you will become a better and healthier version of yourself!

Get money for a walk or a run sounds too good to be true? Try it yourself! New inspiring challenges will show up every day to keep you motivated with a full wallet! 💰

♥️🏆 The famous tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is the main ambassador of Lympo. She was named as the world's most influential female athlete by Forbes and she believes in Lympo: “Sport is my life and what motivates me every morning when I wake up to work hard and be the best I can be. I believe in Lympo’s goal to encourage people to exercise and be healthy.
Editor's Note

When you need an application for your device but need it as apk file, you can always visit our website to download it like Lympo - Walk. Run. Earn. apk. The version of the apk file is 1.3.3 and decide if you need this version or not. And if you want to know when the apps got an update the last update came on May 1, 2019. You can also check the Lympo Team if you have any doubt if it is original or fake. After you download the apk file from website please don’t forget to check out other applications we provide you for free and at the highest download speed. Thanks for using our website to download applications.


  • user Meg M apkdeer profile image
    5 days ago Meg M

    Really enjoy using this app as a great tool for motivation and also tracking the amount of excersize I do daily, weekly, etc.. thanks lympo

  • user Serene Johnson apkdeer profile image
    6 days ago Serene Johnson

    Easy to earn on eveyday routine exercise

  • user leslie prestia apkdeer profile image
    6 days ago leslie prestia

    Was working then after update it stopped. I tried clearing data and now cant log in. Contacted support but no reply. Uninstalled

  • user Emily Larae apkdeer profile image
    6 days ago Emily Larae

    Mine has been glitchy for awhile. When I do the daily bonus and get rewarded, my points remain stuck. My wallet is never updated. It has remain the same for the last 3 or 4 days. The daily bonuses doesn't even show up in my transaction history. It's about 20+ points I have been ripped off of due to a glitchey system.

  • user A Google user apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago A Google user

    The only reason I'm giving this one star is because I watch the bonus videos and never get the credit for some of them.

  • user Badlynice apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Badlynice

    seems good so far. but im sure ill find something wrong with it eventually, got that type of vibe to it going on. edit: so far ive only had one issue. i sent invite to freind they use the invite and started using the app cause they kinda like it but i ihavent got my points yet. been 3 days so far. beside for that the app seem great. edit: new update has come in cant open app anymore. i have s10plus phone. able to get on know but not reciveing all my points.

  • user Denis Khryashchev apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Denis Khryashchev

    Would give it 0 stars if I could. Collects your sensitive information giving you virtual stuff in return that you can exchange for garbage promotions like 30% off some useless junk. Gift cards appear once a year and disappear next second. Completely useless app. Not to mention in app ads that it doesn't credit you for and constant crashes and missing step conversions.

  • user Paulius Bertašius apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Paulius Bertašius

    Why everyday all steps are gone. It will be better if they counts.

  • user Graham Waller apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Graham Waller

    Cool concept

  • user Chad Baughman apkdeer profile image
    1 week ago Chad Baughman

    This app is absolutely splendid! You get to walk in complete challenges that give you actual crypto currency!! I mean stuff that you should be doing everyday on your own without getting rewarded for it, now has a price tag on it! It's just so much more fun and so much more rewarding when you get to do these things, that should be done on your own, for a reward at the end of the day!! And you can back your steps throughout the whole day and don't have to remember to start and stop this app!!