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Download Hiya - Caller ID & Block apk for free.

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Hiya - Caller ID & Block

Hiya Call Block Security identifies the calls you want to take and blocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. Hiya is free (no ads!), and is incredibly easy to use.

Block calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers, identify incoming calls and receive spam alerts. Don't know the phone number? Find the businesses you want to call with Hiya Business Search.

Hiya is powered by a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers and millions of happy Hiya users who depend on the app daily.


• Enhanced Dialer (NEW): The fastest way to find and call frequent contacts, recently identified callers, and your favorite businesses.

• Caller ID: Take calls from people you want to talk to and from friends not in your phone book.

• Call Block / Spam Blocker: Blacklist robocalls and spam, and block telemarketers or scammers by sending them straight to voicemail.

• Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is spam. Easily report fraudulent numbers to help warn others.


Facebook: https://facebook.com/hiyainc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hiya
Instagram: https://instagram/hiyainc

Hiya Caller ID & Call Block is brought to you by Hiya Inc. Utilizing the power of the Hiya database that has hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you’ll know the true caller behind more calls. Hiya is a Google Play Top Developer that is committed to delivering best in class free security, caller ID, call block, spam & virus protection.

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Kim Conn

Not long ago I would have happily given 5 stars. Identified and blocked or whitelisted calls with ease, and the auto \"text me who you are and I'll answer\" was great. Loved it! Recently they've changed a few things and I'm not as happy with it as I was. It still screens and blocks spam, but not like it did (trying to go to a paid service). And no longer shows who the caller is, so I've missed some important calls. Will update again when I decide how I feel about the changes. Currently not happy.

Amelia Reichert

every move I make in this app even after updating says \"something went wrong and we cant connect to the server. please try again later.\" this has been going on for several months now. also, like someone in a previous 2star review said, many previously free features are now \"premium.\" I unfortunately paid for the year, but if this app keeps not working right, I will be demanding a refund and telling everyone I know to not use it because of poor quality of service.

Emely Kihn

One of the Best call screening app. Highly recommended for Australian region. I was highly irritated by spammers ringing me all the time specially during office hours, But I don't have to worry about them because this app blocks 99% of the spam caller's which is Amazing. Thanks Hiya, you guys have done a fabulous job. And last but not the least, Hiya is much better than other Paid apps. Go for it

Lawrence Prosacco

This is pretty much a useless app. In the past they have taken our information and feedback to better their service and now you can't even get a caller ID without paying premium for it. Basic services are a premium function now. Upon phone call it literally says to see this persons info please subscribe to premium. Its apps like this that make me not want to share any info with developers ever again. They don't want the one time purchase price of the app. They want your reoccurring subscription.

Kristy Smith

While I can respect the developer's need to generate revenue, the overwhelmingly main reason for people to use this app is specifically to reduce and eliminate nuisance calls. However, not only does this app not do that without \"upgrading\", but it also spams the user with notifications of its own simultaneously as the call is ringing without providing any substantial benefit. 1/10 do not recommend. Perhaps I'll try this app again in a year or so to reassess but for now, uninstalled.

Dr. Charlie Marks PhD

Well worth paying for. I don't say that about hardly any apps. But i tried this for free, them really missed it when the trial ran out. Trial lasted for quite some time....a few months. Give it a shot, it worth it! Just be sure to add feedback on the calls, to help others from being scammed or wasting their time. I contribute as much as i can!

Hillard Mayert

This would have been a 4 star review before the update to premium service. I didn't subscribe. Now app req you upgrade for people that are in your contacts \u0026 people you dial. I'm uninstalling. I turned on the DoNotDisturb function that came with my phone, set it for contacts only. It provides the same service as the free version of this app. I am not disturbed by caller's not in my contacts \u0026 no pressure to buy an upgrade. Sorry. Greed lost you my business.

Lewis Schneider DDS

This app (using a beta version) has been great, up untill the option to upgrade to premium was added. Many bug's were introduced as a result. Most notably lag time when answer calls, and multiple floating banner alerts as to who is calling. Nevertheless, I would be willing to put up with that nuisance if only hiya told me who was calling without requiring me to upgrade to premium.

Miss Sydnee McLaughlin DDS

Bait \u0026 Switch. Took over for Mr Number. Touted free blocking, then just popped up a notice that only will automatically block calls now if you pay for their subscription service. Long way from the good and dependable Mr. Number. Don't waste your time or money, as company proves they cannot be trusted to deliver on their promises.

Dr. Jarvis Wilderman

well it's not as good as it used to be, it lets known spam callers through it's not identifying them like it used half the time it isn't even working at all, it used to be real good but I'm disappointed in it and I am downloading a different 1, since they got greedy and decided to go premium the quality has gone to if it maintained it's quality I would pay for it. not anymore I'm actually using another one as well and I won't recommend it I'm going to continue to shop till I find something better