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Package Name: com.d3p.mpq

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Category: Free Role Playing Games

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Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 84M

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MARVEL Puzzle Quest Screenshot
MARVEL Puzzle Quest Screenshot
MARVEL Puzzle Quest Screenshot
MARVEL Puzzle Quest Screenshot

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Marvel Comics Super Heroes come to life in this Official Marvel role playing game with a unique Match 3 battle mechanic!

S.H.I.E.L.D. mishandles a powerful new resource called Iso-8, allowing the Super Villain Norman Osborn to take control of the agency and replace it with H.A.M.M.E.R., unleashing his own power hungry agenda in The Dark Reign. Super Heroes and Villains must unite in this match 3 RPG game to defeat Norman Osborn's rise to power and restore balance to the Marvel Universe!

Create your own epic dream team using the strongest Super Heroes and the nastiest Super Villains! Play characters like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk as you battle your way to victory. Thor, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, and more await! Assemble your team and get ready for the fight!

9.1 out of 10 “An intricately crafted, remarkably deep experience -- Marvel Puzzle Quest doesn’t merely meet the expectations of its name, it exceeds them.” - (Editors’ Choice Award)

★ Join a community of 15 million players worldwide!
★ Collect and upgrade over 185 of your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains to perfect your strategy and find the winning combination to dominate your foes!
★ Battle to build up your powers, unlock new abilities, and find new Supports to craft the perfect team of Marvel Super Heroes and take down your enemies!
★ Form alliances with your friends and use your collective power to fight other players in events and epic battles.
★ Challenge your team of Super Heroes in exciting Player vs. Player Tournaments
★ Snag the top rank in Tournaments, Alliances, and Season Play for new character rewards and other prizes!
★ New events, features and tournaments direct from the Marvel Universe
★ Exclusively written by Marvel’s Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Wolverine, Weapon X) and Alex Irvine (Iron Man: The Rapture, Daredevil Noir)

Harness the power of Iso-8 to upgrade your Super Hero dream team and collect comics to unlock Marvel characters and new superpowers.

Match tiles to annihilate your opponents, harnessing Hulk’s superpower strength or Professor X’s mind control to manipulate the game board! Match 3 gems in a row to power up, damage and bring even the most powerful Marvel Comics characters to their knees. Will you be able to rank among the top champions?

Recruit your favorite Super Hero characters from X-Men, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Guardians of the Galaxy and more to create the ultimate Marvel dream team! Whether you play Spider-Man alongside his arch-nemesis Venom, or play Captain Marvel alongside her Ms. Marvel successor, Kamala Khan, YOU assemble your very own epic team of Marvel Comics Super Heroes!

With over 185 Marvel characters available, MARVEL Puzzle Quest’s ever-growing list of Super Hero comics and movie characters is updated regularly including Black Panther, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Hela, Thanos, and more!

A USA Today “10 Great Games” Pick!

4 out of 5 stars from Touch Arcade!

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App is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.

Developed by Demiurge Studios

© 2019 MARVEL
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  • 2 days ago Jenny Weiner

    this game is a lot of fun any of my Facebook friends can play this game

  • 2 days ago Bryan Schiller

    good game. too bad it's all about p2w and terrible rewards.

  • 2 days ago keenan Boyd


  • 2 days ago Beth King


  • 3 days ago Fc Sharma

    it was ok lmao

  • 3 days ago Haven Segars

    they make kinda impossible to level up characters . they removed the feature where you can buy cards fast and easy .but know its really time consuming and difficult to get cards as of time of writing this.missions can be impossible sometimes with the game favoring the enemy. but decent overall

  • 3 days ago Thomas Payne

    very fun game to exercise your mind with with cool characters and unique powers not a very wide selection of characters are given out though

  • 3 days ago dementia in remission

    Fun game. Great! Please make available for offline! also, can we get a 4 or 5 star juggernaut?

  • 3 days ago Bryon Eddens

    same here nope

  • 3 days ago shoo shoo

    Very basic puzzle game but the fact that you collect characters with powerups make it more fun. Hard to build up characters and get additional character slots though. That can make it disappointing at times. But the characters make the game addicting as well. * updated note: after playing for a long time the game is very logically and beautifully structured. Build up one or two one stars, use to unlock 2 stars. Get all the 2 stars to unlock 3, etc. Takes strategy and guild advice.