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How To Make a Girl Laugh

How to make a girl laugh without sounding like a clown. This app is about how to make a girl laugh in a way that she feels attracted to you. And yes, it is true that if you can make a girl laugh and have fun most of the time, you will become the more attractive guy to her compared to other guys that are courting her at the same time. This app is also about humor and how to be funny. So let's get started.

In this app include:

how to make a girl laugh while chatting
how to make a girl laugh over text
how to make a girl laugh over text examples
best joke to make a woman laugh
questions to make a girl laugh
how to make a woman laugh uncontrollably
how to make girls happy

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More explain about How to make a girl laugh:

Probably the best way to learn how to make a girl laugh, is by watching comedies as well as reading books on humor, jokes and comedies. Look at those comedians and pay close attention on how they make the audience laugh. Learn how to make a girl laugh by learning more jokes but be candid and spontaneous so that your jokes are not repeated too many times. Reading joke books will help you a lot in making your own jokes based on their ideas.

When you joke about something, make sure you don't over-laugh at your own jokes. In fact, joke it out with a serious face, which helps by increasing the tension. By laughing at your own jokes, it releases the tension and the jokes will sound less funny too. Another technique I use all the time is by teasing a woman in a funny way. Most of the time, they will act upset, but when you keep on teasing her in a funny way, she will start to laugh at herself. And you stand a chance to be the most unique guy she has ever seen because you are probably the first one to tease her that way.

For example, if she is complaining that she is getting fat. You can say "Oh my god, what a pity girl who has no self-confidence at all. Well I guess you are fatter than the lady at the next table too. I think you want to spend some time with me doing exercises." Followed with "I usually exercise at my home, on my bed." It creates tension, and it is funny and unique, I bet she has never listened a guy say that to her, since she mostly is an attractive girl.

The next thing I am going to share is "mismatched conversation". It is plain funny and creates attraction level as well as sexual tension. When you talk with a girl, and she is getting tired and says "I think I want to go to bed." you can reply her with "Well okay since you want it. But I wonder if I know you enough." If she smiles, Hola you strike it for good. If she replies with something negative you just tease her back for her insecurity, such as "It's just a joke. Can't you handle one?"

Last example on how to make a girl laugh using "mismatched conversation" is by creating a false image of your talk, pause..., and continue with something unpredictable.

You can download How to make a girl laugh app for learn more about this secrets.
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