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Wearable Widgets

Widgets you can wear: Wearable Widgets creates a bridge from your phone to your smartwatch for the thousands of widgets available on Android. You don't need to wait for developers to support smartwatches; get your apps on your wrist now, in a format that the developer has already designed for compact use. Expand your smartwatch horizons!

NOTE: If you have any difficulties, please email us - do NOT just leave a complaint as a comment here. We can probably help with whatever issue you're having, but this is an app store, not a support forum.

And a few caveats, just to adjust your expectations:

• You MUST have a supported wearable device to use this app! In addition to Wear OS, some other devices will work to some extent. See below for device-specific info, or visit http://wearablewidgets.com/devices.html

• This free app supports unlimited usage of one widget at a time. Multiple widget support is available as a small, one-time in-app purchase: please confirm that your favorite widgets are compatible with your watch before buying.

• Although you'll be viewing and interacting with widgets on your watch, our app is essentially just "screencasting" them: the widgets themselves are actually still running on your phone. This means that any actions that result from tapping on a widget will also occur on your phone. This is fundamental and isn't a "bug" that can be "fixed".

• Similarly, you’ll find that taps and swipes on your watch take a bit longer than when you interact directly with your phone – there’s some unavoidable lag in the connection between devices. Widgets will generally still be usable, just not quite as snappy.

• Some widgets lend themselves better than others to the screen of a watch. Please use common sense.

• There are also known compatibility issues with some specific widgets, including a few that don't update when your phone is asleep. This isn't a problem we can fix either - it's down to the developers of the widgets themselves - but you can find mitigation tips for all such issues at http://wearablewidgets.com/widgets.html

Using widgets on Wear OS

Wearable Widgets needs to be installed to both your phone and linked watch separately, as it is a full-fledged app on both devices. Start by tapping the big green Install button above; then, run the app on your phone, and you should be prompted to install it to your watch.

Once installed, there are 3 ways to use phone widgets on your watch:
➤ As a conventional app, from the launcher (from your watch face, press the watch’s crown or main hardware button).
➤ As a watch face. Set WW as one of your "favorite" faces, and your widgets will always be just a swipe away.
➤ As complications in other, non-WW faces (2x2 and smaller widgets only).

Lots more details and instructions at http://wearablewidgets.com/wear


Devices in this section are those for which we have developed Wearable Widgets support in the past, but are not currently working on, for a variety of reasons.

Tizen Gear
Samsung has stopped accepting updates to our Gear clients, so unfortunately we are unable to make any further improvements to our app on this platform. However, the watch apps still work, and are still available for most of these devices on the Samsung Gear app store; search for “Wearable Widgets” to install.

Sony SmartWatch 1 and 2
These two early smartwatches from Sony were replaced by the SW3, running Android Wear, so we have migrated our Sony support to Wear also. If you're still using an SW1 or SW2, you'll need an older version of our app to make it work; download it from http://bit.ly/WW61sw2

Google Glass™
Our Glass interface is still functional, but we stopped active development when Google discontinued Glass as a consumer product in early 2015. To use it, you'll need to sideload the WW Glassware; find the download at http://wearablewidgets.com/glass

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Princess Bailey

Works as described. I am very happy. I needed this app to get xDrip+ widget on my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier watch. Now, I can get my blood sugar readings on my watch. Excellent. You will get an Android notification saying Wearable Widgets is using Screen Capture. As a precaution, I have removed any sensitive data from the home screen where my widget is installed. I also turned off the Android System Notification. 1 sec delay on watch when switching to the widget getting updated data.

Mr. Trever Barrows Jr.

paid for the upgrade but it doesnt work properly, takes ages for the widget to respond, by the time ive pressed the button and the response works i could have gotten off my arse and done it manually, thats if it responds at all. Paid for the upgrade as the standard version worked fine, but then let down afterwards, reply from dev seems rather rude, considering they still have my money! Nevermind eh! 1 star now as the response was rude and didnt offer solutions,

Ms. Cathy Witting I

The app would be great if you could place the widget in any widget slot other than just the home screen. Too much of a hassle switching between Amazon music and my clock

Joesph O'Keefe

This is working perfectly on my Fossil Venture Q HR (gen 4) running alongside my OnePlus 5T. Thank you Devs !!

Morris Murphy

Amazing idea and functionality! Some watchfaces so seem to dim their complications (cough Fossil) while others don't (Watch Maker) making the widget hard to see, but I don't think that's something you can help. Still really cool to also have many other ways to view a widget like with the watchface and app :D

Loren Connelly

adding the widget to your watch just cast it to your phone. so its counter productive. does nothing to male your watch really usable srandalone.

Clinton O'Hara II

This app is amazing. I can turn my Lifx lamp on and off from my watch. Good app.

Dr. Ross Gerhold Sr.


Dr. Francisco Grimes

Gear S3, Samsung Galaxy S8+ All it Does is show a green square. in that it says, \"This is only a test\".

Rubye Mills II

my watch keep telling me that wearable widget is draining the battery. but works well on the galaxy watch