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Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest

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    D3 Go!
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    Apr. 11, 2019
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    Android 16 and above
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Magic: The Gathering and the original match-3 RPG are re-imagined in Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest, a deck building, strategy and match-3 game Kotaku says, “is a marriage of two distinct games into a unique new experience.”

• Booster Crafting – Create your own booster packs to complete card sets.
• New Card Sets – Collect cards from Ixalan, a swashbuckling dinosaur walking world filled with unknown treasures and perilous creatures.
• New Battles Await – Play new events and improved rewards.


Collect & Craft Cards
Collect some of Magic: The Gathering’s deadliest spells like Star of Extinction and creatures like Kopala, Warden of the Waves. Now with Booster Crafting, create your own booster packs to add to your collection. Build the ultimate deck and face off against people from around the world.

Match to Cast Spells
Mana gems are the core of your strength and power. Match-3 or more to collect enough power to cast deadly spells and creatures.

Play with Friends
Join a coalition and play with your friends to win bonus rewards in tournaments. Band together and fight opponents from around the world!

Win Rewards and Climb the Leaderboards
Enter daily events and player-vs-player (PVP) tournaments and challenge your decks against others from around the world. Climb the leaderboards and collect a multitude of rewards to build even better, more powerful decks!

Recruit Your Champions for Battle
The mighty mages and warriors of Magic: The Gathering are your heroes in battle. Pair them with your very best deck and enter the arena fully prepared to decimate the competition. Each Planeswalker comes with unique abilities to activate that enhance your cards or wreak havoc on your opponents. Build up their levels and watch their abilities grow into an unstoppable force.

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  • 1 day ago Brian Cedric

    app decides whether you have a chance to win or lose before each match. not even subtle about it any more. example: seven of ten cards offensive but all cards drawn FOR TEN ROUNDS are the other three! you'll spend your time waiting for your turn to win.

  • 1 day ago Game Acct

    1/3 of game is loading times. cards are unbalanced with loops. new updates bring tons of bugs; even old fixed bugs resurface with new bugs. pay to win unless you sink 3-5 hours a day for 2 years+. player lvls are unfairly provided. rewards vs time invested are imbalanced. few events. no function to turn off all animations. everything is overcosted - in game currency and real money. i recommended gems of war instead.

  • 1 day ago Gabriel Wolf

    Spent crystals on planeswalker, didn't get it.

  • 1 day ago Shawn Barry

    this game is amazing its a true gem. thanks for making a fantastic game keep up the good work.

  • 1 day ago Randal Keister

    I think the game could feel more like the original ccg if you could choose which creatures could attack and could be assigned to block. I've been playing MTG for over twenty years. I actually enjoy the flavor that MTGPQ supplies but no matter how much things change they always stay the same. Meaning: He who has the most money has the best decks.

  • 1 day ago Chris Rudram

    Slow to load and to move between screens... Often seems to be loading data that should already be held locally. Uninstalled as to frustrating to wait between each game. Game itself is interesting take on the match-3 format.

  • 2 days ago Tap Webster

    Simply a lot of fun

  • 2 days ago Randy Chene

    A most EXCELLENT turn based mechine with a certain proclivity reminiscent of the days of the Dragon Quest series 🐉🤺

  • 2 days ago HDLM Almighty

    If your not a VIP then dont bother. I've played this game since day 1 and now I'm walking no running away. Real shame used to be one of my favorites. And please don't respond to this with a generic were sorry to hear that bot bs.

  • 2 days ago Enrique Morales

    Fun strategic match game. If u enjoy MTG you'll like this game