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100 Doors Horror

Do you need some scary stuff tonight? You're welcome to the game where you can experience the most horrible brain challenge in your life! Forget all other horror door games and get ready to open all secret doors in our new horror quiz where you’ve got 100 doors to unlock and find an escape!


Do you like to rattle your nerves while playing horror adventure games? Feel the thrill and stay in suspense throughout the whole scary story of 100 doors 2017 while opening the doors one by one. Imagine a perfect horror in the darkness where anything can happen whenever you want it!


What kind of horror games free do you prefer to play on your phone or tablet? Maybe absorbing horror story games with riddles and brain-teasers in galore? Now you've got a great opportunity to walk through plenty of exciting levels to get out of the horror house alive. Don't miss the chance to play one of the most desirable horror games for girls and boys. Come here and enjoy the horror on screen of your android device anywhere you go! This game of 100 doors won’t be an easy game but you won’t mind while it’s so addictive!


Start the unbelievable quest of terror with lots of puzzles and surprises! The sinister interior design of the rooms will make you feel lost and damned like in the top horror mystery games. And the fear will never leave you with cool ambient creepy sounds in the horror night within the games location. Get scared with our new horror house games! If you look for 100 doors key, wait a bit! Playing in 100 doors with such mind boggling gameplay will be addictive and challenging!


You've got a perfect opportunity to find yourself in the height of horror detective games. Growing suspense, unexpected turns and overwhelming curiosity are guaranteed! Test your skills to resolve puzzles and brain games in the horror stories app. What can be more refreshing for your intellect than unlocking doors and rooms in games of 100 doors locked with no end? So, you'll definitely stay involved in the horror puzzle games forever!

Open our Horror Doors and you'll get:

- frightening horror new games fun
- perfect training to check your wits and courage
- eerie surroundings for more pleasure

Install the most extraordinary of puzzle horror games for free! You'll spend your time with great trembling and delight with 100 doors free if only download it!

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Jana Spinka

This game was not scary at all. its so boring, definitely not something i want to waste my time on. trust me if you want a actual scaryg game this is a waste of time. the game GRANNY was scarier than this and i didnt think that one was very scary.

Dr. Jody Hintz Sr.

I was expecting this to be scary but it wasn't at all I downloaded it so I would be scared because Horror movies aren't doing their job. This game really disappointed me. I was expecting so much more from it and what are the weird looking faces that randomly pop up when you open doors? That was weird not scary you should really rethink some things. Please don't put the word Horror in the title if it isn't even capable of scaring a two year old. I showed my younger brother and he wasn't scared.

Cecelia Wisozk

this is a great game, not exactly scary, but entertaining. the only bad thing about it is all the ads we have to watch to unlock a level, it's quite annoing

Miss Joanie McCullough Sr.

meh, it was alright but its not even scary. It never scares me and its annoying how you have to wait an hour to do this one, unless you watch adds so.. i dont like it that much. I gave it 3 stars just to be nice :) and iknow it might have taken a long time. bye! 😇

Prof. Maci McDermott

it's a very good game. but in part 2 after 9 there is no level it's not opening the next level. please do something

Liam Prosacco

I liked it a little but the fact that I have to watch videos or wait like hours for a door is teribal and If you change that I would play this game all day but I will not if I have to watch stupid videos all the time I got YouTube for that.

Helena Hauck

the first horror door ain't scary whatsoever but the game is quiet addicting 1 problem that I have is the god damn timers take so dam long

Gudrun Bernhard DVM

it's so fun but it was not scary and it had to much ads and you can't go to some levels with out waiting 50 minutes it was good

Prof. Brandt Schneider Jr.

the game itnt that bad tbh but the jumpscares are way to frequent and arnt that acary after a while but other than that its a cool brain game

Janessa Hermiston

sooo bad! nothing ever happens! if anyones reading it than plz dont download it