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One individual - a murderer with a knife, which is trying to secretly kill the other players. Other players have to use your mind to find out who it is, and kill him first. Unfortunately, they have only one gun among them.

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Malcolm Harber

theres a lot of hackers i would like if you added a report system in the player ping menu on the top right corner and you should hire admins to go into servers and check for hackers and have them banned from the game, imean it is free after all. PS the hackers make the game not fun so people will stop playing the game. Not being negative. I hope that you can add what i said. :)

Ines Fisher

Now, Ive played garry's mod for ages. Ive got 2000 hours on it and lots of memories. This game is splendid! I love that youve got different gamemodes from gmod. This murder gamemode is kind of accurate; its got the same \" youre a bystander\" format. Though I do want more features. Cant wait for you to add the hide and seek gamemode!

Haley Gleichner

game is very unfair now as theres so many people using hacks and it's just not fun to play anymore. please do something to fix this hack thing because i genuinely enjoy playing the game (and im sure others do too) and all these hackers are absolutely ruining it for everyone.

Armando Lindgren

sure this game is fun but some players have hacks and it makes the game so impossible to win,because theyre unkillable overall though I think this game is pretty good. but the hackers make the game impossible to win...

Katlynn Lang

This game is awesome. One of the best on playstore. I suggest this game I'm not a bot. My name is SLAYER. I would recommend you add a new map. I made alot of friends on this fantastic game. Please download this awesome game. I rarely Rate but Murder Game portable deserves it! The Time it takes to get skins should be lowered though. Besides that this game is awesome!!!!!! •~•

Dr. Torey Heidenreich

I like how there are a lot of servers up with a lot of them with a decent amount of players in most of them, but I have one MAJOR problem, HACKERS! in the past 3 days I have quit servers 3 times and stopped playing for the rest of the day because these guys are in the usa servers frequently and you can't kick players either so this makes it worse (if you can kick I don't know how) so it ruins the experience. They fly around and have automatic guns and sometimes they glitch around the map. FIX NOW

Kirsten Kuhic

The game is okay I guess. I mean the controls are easy and the graphics are decent but there are a few things that bother me. Firstly,It's about the private servers (the ones where you put a password on). Whenever I make one just to play with my friends only, somehow a stranger joins in. Like how were they able to get in when there was a password? (Unless the password is too weak,then this is pointless) And yeah,administrators can kick out players but it hardly works. What's the point of it being there if it doesn't work? Please fix that. Next,it about being kicked out for standing for too long. As soon as it says I'm not moving,I get kicked out. The reason why I don't move for a certain amount of time is because I'm typing in the chat and it gets really annoying that I get kicked out while doing so.Please increase the time limit to something longer? Another thing,I find it difficult to use the gun.I have to make sure that the gun is directly aimed at the murderer. Shoot any other location(what I mean near the player)the murderer still lives. And how are they able to murder me when I'm not even close to them?There more to the things that bother me about this game but this is what I'll write for now.

Ashleigh Schulist

this is a fun game because its not like blockstrike because murdergame potable dont have ads when you watch them you disconnect to the server but murdergame portable. it dont have those ads. oh and by the way when i join a random server the first i would see is hackers.

Priscilla Hartmann V

Actually a really good game despite some flaws. Overall decent controls, graphics aren't that good but that's a given seeing as how bad Android is with handling higher graphics. Perfect game for a phone or a small tablet. Most people just complain about \"too many ads\", only because you get an ad every time you quit a server. Don't want that many ads? DON'T. SERVER. HOP. Simple as that!

Ms. Naomie Goldner

ok, everyone of your games has this problem so hear me out. when you get an ad while in a sever, it boots you out. thats all the rest is honostly perfected besides hackers edit: it seems like i have this problem every time, i hover around 60 ping for yhe first few days of play, then in shoots up to 500 ~ 1000 ping.