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Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week is a very helpful app for a pregnant woman.

Best pregnancy app for you!

With Amila Pregnancy App you can easily:
- track your pregnancy week by week
- get information about your baby
- calculate current week of pregnancy
- calculate due date (pregnancy date)
- track your weight
- track baby kicks
- make notes with your pregnancy symptoms ( morning sickness, changes with your body, doctor appointment )

Free pregnancy app.

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Dr. Dell Volkman

Used this app for my first pregnancy, gives nice daily tips, has good information regarding both your body changes and changes happening for the baby. I like the calendar and kegel excersise portions of the app too. Well rounded and easy to navigate.

Cecilia Goodwin MD

amazing app..with more user friendly options and detailed view of mother n the baby's growth and symptoms are quite amazing....will definitely recommend to my friends...great effort kudos to the team 🤩😊👌🤝

Esta McGlynn

I like this app: bits of info every day, friendly interface, no unsolicited ads. Suggestion to the developers: Would be great to have an option to add a daily reminder for Kegel exercises. That would make the app perfect for me

Reba Waelchi

really like the information that this app gives. i also LOVE that i can read daily tips about myself, my baby, and my pregnancy!

Maeve Lowe

Love this app, goes into great detail, which I need being a first time mommy. I love the notifications I get every week saying I'm another week along. I also love the new fact I get everyday on the app and how it goes into detail about my body and the baby. highly recommend!!

Jaunita Koch

I really like that i can see quickly how big our baby is, and what week i am in. Im also really enjoying the the kegel exercises and the diary. I would love to see the ability to put a reminder notification on the kegel exercises though as initially i was struggling to remember to do them daily. now im in a routine where i do them every morning its not so hard to remember. great app!

Trudie Emmerich

Essential for every expecting mother! It lets me know how far along I am everyday, how much longer until delivery, how my baby is growing and how I might be feeling WITH advice on how to handle it. I love this app!

Nicolas Herman IV

It's been very interesting. It's my first pregnancy and I got a lot of information here before seeing the midwife.

Miss Danielle Bauch

Great to use , daily updates very helpful . Would be better if it had daily tips as well. had to download another app to be a back up. The other app has 3D scan which shows the development process , it's very informative but this is nice to have .

Sincere Kulas

Great app, then 16 weeks into my pregnancy, a quarter of the screen becomes large flashing advertisements, making it impossible to focus your eyes to read the text. Boo! Rendered useless.