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Package Name: com.heatonhead.fingerart.pro

Developer: HeatOnHead studio

Category: Free Art & Design Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 2.5.5

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 4.1M

Pixel Art paint Pro Screenshot
Pixel Art paint Pro Screenshot
Pixel Art paint Pro Screenshot
Pixel Art paint Pro Screenshot
Pixel Art paint Pro Screenshot

Pixel Art paint Pro

Try to become a Pixel Artist
‘Pixel Art paint pro’ is a great and simple pixel editor.

‘Pixel Art paint pro’ is intuitive, simple and easy to draw pixel, dot, 8bit pic sprite.
Let's drawing an pixel, dot, 8bit, retro pic sprite easily and quickly

Enjoy nice time in ‘Pixel Art paint pro’ in bus, at school, in the workplace anywhere, anytime.
You'll also become a pixel, dot, 8bit pic artist.

Download this app now and please try to use the cool features of ‘Pixel Art paint pro’

You can be easily shared with SNS services.
Let's share your Pixel Art to everyone via Twitter or Instagram!
You can share as possible in all apps (e-mail or other SNS).

• Drawing shapes
→ line, rectangle, ellipse and etc.

• Undo / Redo

• Save to PNG format image (Sprite)
→ Storage path> PixelArtPaintPro / png

• Import image from Gallery
→ Bring up a photo and edit it in pixels. (pixel converter)

• Color wheel

• Edit Palette
→ change a color from palette by using the eyedropper (spoide), HSV, RGB
(To edit the palette color, click long the corresponding color!)

• Load Palette
→ load a custom palette, not only at starting a new work
→ If you change the palette while drawing an 16, 256 color image, and the pixels that have already been drawn change accordingly.

• Eyedropper (Spoide)

• Color blending brush (Opacity)

• Zoom In/Out

• Preview (Mini view)

• 8 ~ 600 pixel image size

• Grid on/off (Grid drawing)

• Mirror

• Share via Twitter, Instagram, etc...

• Paint Bucket (fill color)

• Flip Horizontal and Vertical

• Brush size

• Crop

• Working image will be auto-saved when you go over the background

• Enable to change background color (from version 2.0.1)

• Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen

[Pro-pack Features]
→ Project Management
(Click 'Long' on a project folder to open the menu)
(On the top screen, click 'Long' on a image to open the menu)
→ Layers : merge, move, erase
→ Save Palettes

→ Resize when you save PNG
→ Resize image
→ Resize canvas
→ Copy and Paste

→ No AD


Our pixel editor will be constantly updated.
We are currently working on adding ‘Layer’ functionality.
We are trying to make a perfect pixel editor.

Please let us know if there are additional functions or any problems.
Editor's Note

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  • 2 days ago HunnydooTHANKU - KAO

    How do you add the picture to gallery?? i dont want to just screenshot it. its really cool but idk why i would have to pay for it to be added in my gallery?

  • 4 days ago Aj Smart

    Im so happy that I found a pixel drawer that lets you draw what you want! I needed something like this game cause I have a dream to make my own game. It will be like the others... but better! I have seen how every game has been the same. I want to Change That in my game. And because of you... I might be able to do so! If I could give it more then 5 stars... I would! Edit: Thanks. And I think I now know what your person in my game will be. I will tell more... soon.

  • 2 weeks ago Crusty and Friends

    this is a great app for pixel artists! it would be cool if you could animate though. but other than that it it pretty perfect. and it would be nice if you did not have to us action points to switch layers and stuff, I know you need money from ads so it's not that bad.

  • 3 weeks ago Bobby Gutierrez

    Its amazing!! i also like how the dev actually respondes to people and they sound like a real person not some robot responding 👀

  • 1 month ago 도우리

    너무너무 재미남

  • 1 month ago Eedee Smart

    I love this app, still haven't figured everything out yet, but getting the hang of it more and more, still love it...

  • 1 month ago Henhen35

    would be perfect with a zoom function.

  • 1 month ago 8b mas

    I love it, is really funny and easy to use😄

  • 1 month ago Gabrielle Tollerson

    Pay to use features? You can take that and shove it

  • 2 months ago Winged Coco

    This app keeps crashing and i cannot finish my drawing. I'm trying to calm myself down by drawing with Pixel Art. But seriously? Even that doesn't work? Edit: I just opened the app, started drawing, and the app crashed. I repeated everything, and then it crashed again Edit: Alright. I will use some other app.