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Draw and Guess Online

Draw and Guess Online is the funniest, the most colorful and creative game for Android.
You can draw and guess in real time with thousands of the other players online.

Gaming in real time makes Draw and Guess Online such a cheerful and dynamic game.
Everyone loves to play charades with his friends, now you have an opportunity to play this wonderful game on your mobile phone anywhere and at any time with the players all around the world!
We have prepared for you a lot of interesting words of various complexity.

The meaning of the Game Draw and Guess is to guess a word, that was offered to an artist. The artist, in his turn, tries to be either clear or fast while drawing a picture, which is associated with that word.

- the game is completely free
- > 4,000 words in three languages: English, Russian, German
- online game with thousands of the other players
- system of achievements and awards
- global online rating of all players
- ability to bind the profile to e-mail, in order to save your progress
- cute crocodile Croco

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Dillan Gaylord

I would give it 5 stars if it weren' for the ppl that are allowed to continue to play on here using profanity, being racist and insulting, telling kids to kill themselves. I installed to have a game to play with my 9yr old son, but unfortunately we will have to uninstall. I checked the 2 main nuisance players stats and they have been playing for awhile, which shows me this game is not being monitored. Initially the game tells you you can complaint and report them, but there is nowhere to do so.

Rasheed Nitzsche

Hello there, I have been playing this game for so long it has already been 5 years, it's great and addicting. There has been a few problems lately, I have noticed a lot of complaining to others about inappropriate behavior, being disrespected, inappropriate drawings and or profanity. A lot of People have declared that they will be quitting the game and not continue with the game. I believe this game has lost quite a lot of people. For a better change, I also do believe this online game needs a better strict policy. By any chances can you allow more moderators to be in control of muting and banning. It will be a honor to be an moderator on this game I do take responsibility very seriously and I will love to stop all the drama that has been happening. I want to see your game grow and grow and I want to see online players happy without any problems or issues. I'm a level 31 and I have been supporting your game for so long. If you do receive this review and decide to agree with my opinion on having more moderators it will truly be appreciated, thank you very much.

Otto Dare

it's sooo cool and it gets my online data up and even my mom let's me play it and I normally can't even play roblox XD so yeah thx so much for making this game it helps me alot in drawing better so it's such a great opportunity for me wen I'm older to let my kids play this game and it's also very fun so it's just amazing

Judah Hoeger

The game is good. The only thing that ruins the game is that most of the time i find myself in a server where there is only 1 player other than me. Secondly, people have no game sense and just write the answers instead of drawing the thing. There is no problem from you guys as y'all have done a great job creating it👌

Miss Liana Hoeger

It's a good time waster. it's easy and simple. just go in and play. however the thing that is bothering me is when some people talk to eachother as if it's a social media app. even the person who is sappose to draw tries to pick up a conversation. :/

Mr. Jamal Bergnaum III

I was excited to install this because somehow, the rating is high, even though there are many negative reviews. The concept reminded me a lot of Charadium/Draw Mania, a game I played and enjoyed a lot when I was younger. You can't find it on the Play Store anymore and although I believe you can still find it on iOS, as I remember it you can't connect to a game. The playerbase was interesting, I loved the feel of the app, and it along with others is what probably made me the artist I am today. This, although the same concept, falls flat on all of those things... the UI confused me (I don't know how to see who's drawing, or how many people are playing with me), the gameplay is bland, and really it's just... ugly. I know it's not exactly a real critique but it does jump out at you. It also doesn't seem to be regularly updated anymore. It really is disappointing to see hardly any multiplayer art apps with real appeal anymore, no offense...

Liam Hackett

I like the base idea, but it needs a lot of polishing. First of all, we need an indicator on how many letters the word consists of the person is drawing and after every minute a hint should appear like a letter popping in. A lot of times people just take word, scribble and we are left clueless for five minutes waiting for the game to end, and on an average day this happens like four times in a row with you sitting for twenty minutes watching a blank/scribbled screen. And at a certain time during the day, only children appear in the room trying to Roblox roleplay or draw how you can follow them on social media. Please create a \"vote to kick\" option and have a few moderators or something please.. I love this game to be honest but the roleplaying children and no hints thing just don't sit well. Thanks guys (:

Brenda Hermiston

low ads, and you dont have to pay with hearts or anything to draw like \"draw and guess\" game. I am so happy I found this ap. it's so fun and addicting.

Gay Kemmer

I love it but a word moderator person keeps banning people for no reason and he is a big bully. He makes me and my friends feel uncomfortable. Please take his power away.

Marcia Cummerata

The game itself is fun, but we would appreciate if you could include some bakground music or sound, so it won't make us bored in the middle of our game. Thanks