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Contractions Timer for Labor apk

Download Contractions Timer for Labor apk for free.

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Contractions Timer for Labor

The best contractions timer for pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Know when your baby is coming. This contraction timer for pregnant and expecting women is invaluable during childbirth!

Simple and Beautiful. This app includes averages of each contraction duration and intervals to help during labor.

Try Contractions Timer NOW and you'll make it easy to know when your baby is coming!

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Dr. Alysha Wuckert

Much better than many of the contraction apps out there. Easier to tell \nwhen a contraction is being tracked. Good averages of the last 3, 5, 10, 20 \ncontractions, which are helpful in determining if labor is speeding up. \nAnnoying that the red ad bar won't go away. At one point it said it would \nif I left a review but it was still there after I left the review and \nrestarted the app. I'm going to be using the app called Full Term instead \nof this one. It's calculates the averages for the last hour and 3 hours and \ndisplays that along with the info from the last contraction on your main \nscreen. That's the most important info for me so I can at a glance know if \nlabor is progressing.

Miss Aisha Monahan Sr.

I like the ability to edit and add notes. I'm currently trying to monitor \nBraxton Hicks, so the note feature is helpful for me to see if there is a \npattern related to activity. I haven't used it now than a day... Hopeful \nthat it will retain history over time, or that it will at least allow me to \nexport.

Buford Hahn

It's very easy to use. I like that you can edit your time if needed. There's been a few times I forgot to hit the stop button and it shows you to go back in and change an 8 minute contraction back down to 1 minute

Arlo Hermiston II

The app pops up ads in the middle of your contraction times. I understand that the developer needs to make money , but this seems a little indelicate. There are other free apps that don't do this. I would recommended one of them.

Miss Leanne Harber

The tracker crashed every hour requiring that I restart the phone. This sucked while I tracked my contractions in labor. Had to find a new app on the fly. And such a shame. I liked this app better... but it wouldn't work.

Prof. Robbie Wisoky

I like some features, such as the simple start/stop and the ability to add \nnotes and track intensity. However, the app is incredibly laggy and \nconsistently crashes so it's becoming difficult to use. I'm going to \nuninstall it because it's too aggravating to use.

Otha Rodriguez

I don't like that the screen becomes red. Something not very comforting about a giant red screen

Miller Cassin

Easy to use, as I'm using now. Can add contractions if you miss and if you forget to stop it you can edit. Best one I've tried in 3 days

Jess Casper

A little lagging here and there but overall a great app. It has deceptive \nads that start after you rate it. Very annoying

Kathryne Mertz

Only missing thing is that start button which disappears in the graphs and averages sections. Plus a permanent notification with a start button, once the contractions start, might be a good idea