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Download Checkers Offline apk for free.

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Checkers Offline

Checkers offline is now ready for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. Download now and play free. You can play Checkers - Offline in anywhere you want. No need to the internet connection. You can earn millions of chip and play in high bet rooms against artificial intelligence if you are a really good checkers player. The main contribution of our game is playing offline checkers plus its bet and room structure.

Checkers is a table game with millions of fan. Join us and show your skill.

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Hollie Schaden

It's quite challenging and fun. Even reached level 20 with 4.4 million money. But because of continues error, it became annoying. Will have to quit the game and loose my bet money or else it's stuck :-[

Adonis Smitham

This is a horrible game, because you can't make your own choices and it \nforces you to jump the other player. There is no choice and the computer is \nglitchy

Donny Rutherford

I read a review saying the game forces you to jump a player. Its true.... \nDon't know if the creators know different rules, but it instantly ruined \nthe game for me. It removes whatever strategy checkers had. And leaves you \nwith a dull game

Brenda Grady MD

unable to make my own choices of moves.. was annoyed that i couldn't choose for myself... change this please

Frankie Emmerich

The game did not allow me to make my own move choices. Played Checkers long before this app. Board needs to be color lightened. Uninstalling.

Candido Littel

It was good at first but then when I had a king it wouldn't let me move but once. It happen more than one time.

Joany Spencer

Useless game everyone you win the con for fits rubbish I tell you cheetrea

Daren Schulist DVM

The game is good but sometimes checkers get glitched and are unable to move.

Prof. Bartholome Larson Sr.

boring mostly lose and have to gain level xp to unlock more boards

Prof. Kyler Beahan III

Game is really good....but it's closing randomly and i lost 12K because of this. Please do something ;/