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VR Crazy Rollercoaster

Roll on the elevated rail tracks to take the thrilling roller coaster rides in a beautiful amusement park while roaming around the virtual world just like the real one. Enjoy your furious roller coaster journey through the astonishing environments & mesmerizing scenarios while taking the sharp turns and steep slopes. Dash with ultra-high speed and rush down like crazy to feel the real sensation of crazy rollercoaster rides while running past the various amazing objects. Experience the gyro-meter based 360-degree rotation in dual mode and fight against gravity to keep yourself on the cart.

Astonishing Visuals & Amazing Theme Parks:

Loop through the scariest and tallest roller coaster tracks in various astonishing environments with amazing 3D graphics & mind-blowing visuals. Discover the new heights while moving up high in the sky and have the closest look to colorful weather balloons & other amazing game objects. Live in your favorite joy land to maximize the fun ride and say goodbye to fear of heights.

A Simulator of Your Choice:

Experience the heart-pumping adventure while coping with deadly heights, twisty turns and incredible speed. Feel yourself sitting on a real coaster train while playing this crazy rollercoaster game. Enjoy the realistic simulation with gravitational effects and sit tight to avoid any mishap.

An Eye-Catching Tour in VR:

Enjoy the mixed reality effects in VR game mode and immerse yourself in the ultimate depth of joy and fun with gyro-based virtual reality effects. Just slide your Android device in your VR headset and brace yourself for a wild ride. You can also enjoy the roller coaster rides without VR glasses by switching to non-VR mode. Just swipe your finger across the device screen to roam around the virtual world.

Key Features:

• Beautiful and amazing amusement park themes.
• Physics-based roller coaster simulation.
• Both VR and non-VR game modes.
• No internet connection required.
• Totally free fun to play.

Game Play:

• Slide your device in your VR headset for virtual reality mode.
• Go for the dual mode to enjoy 360-degree VR effects.
• If you don’t have VR glasses, you can play the non-VR mode.
• Collect all the amazing objects to get maximum points.
• Don’t hit the hurdles and obstacles.

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America Smitham

I like that it was so like real life but why were people screaming but no people on the ride as my brother pointed out

Prof. Lonnie Larkin

I think that it was really good! It is just that it went around in a loop and the people could be more realistic. This game is GREAT!!!

Mrs. Vivianne Gorczany

it was awful and trash. whenever i actually tried to play this game it took me back to the home page! Noone and I mean noone shoukd download this. its a waste of your time.

Dora Pfannerstill

I love your game it's so fun and and everyone give this game a 5-star review

Mr. Celestino Green I

not sure how I feel about your rollercoaster?🤔🤔

Jimmie Romaguera

Its really good Better than I thought

Mr. Leone Kemmer

this game is the WORST i hate it do not get it it is the most dumbis thing ever

Tressa Trantow

so amazing and very scary thriller

Elvie Zemlak

I couldn't even open it before it crashed.

Jordi Parker

sooooooooo......boring like what the download already