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The end of the day, should we still be kind and honest, or should we follow the instinct to survive? Make your choice in this great independent doomsday survival 2D RPG!

Here comes the doomsday. The city is in danger under the threat of Ares Virus. Zombies are massed and resources are run out. If you want to survive, then you have to fight!
You have to battle with skilled monsters, socialize with people with sinister motives. Conflicts and incidents can lead to bloody events and reflections on human nature.
As a team member of S.O.T, whose mission is to find the viral antibody, what decision will you make?

▶2D shooter game with top-down still views, fresh ballpoint style.
▶Various gameplay. Different weapon and strategy should be chosen for different enemies.
▶Full of the doomsday theme: collect resource, make food, produce medicine and forge equipment.
▶Instant action, double joystick control.
▶Open ending. Your choice will determine others’ destiny.

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Mr. Loy Kemmer MD

I do like the game generally but, I find the combat system is lacking on some part, to the point that it is a chore. Sure I love the; stamina management, attack range, and charge up system, but the damage you dealt to the enemy with the weapon, it's does not have an impact, sure at first it's nothing and I do understand there's weapon \"tier\", but most of the time enemies are just something to break your weapon with and do the 15-20min gathering and making it before breaking it again 5-7min later

Prof. London Ratke

I'm no Pro but I think the time system is too fast to gather materials before reset, Changing this might be a good idea not just I don't want to but you almost doesn't need to grind much. I suggest maybe changing it to 1min \u003d 1sec real-time or make it 3-4 days before they reset. Just about it and I frequently love this types of games and especially this game's story.

Monserrat VonRueden I

Seems pretty fun but can't progress because it keeps crashing, dunno why but probs my tablet... even tried clearing some space and RAM but nothing would work, it crashes when a cutscene ends or while it is in a cutscene. I'm stuck on the tutorial phase without any saves... wasn't like this on my phone though, instead on the phone there is constant lag when there is a battle or when I open inventory

Mr. Karl Murray III

It's a good game, simple but tons of things to craft. Combat is fluid (turns out my fat fingers messed up the movements, not the game's fault). The only down side is it takes 6hrs to switch between devices. edit: deleted my old review by mistake. Went from 4* to 5*

Deja Terry

I love the game I finished the Research institute chapter on day 62 Please update Locust gang chapter.. So that I can save the people from the request.. Edit: 2 stars for slow update.. edited: Thank you for the update I love your game.. Hi Dev. are you going to make Ares Virus II?? How to achieve other endings?? I only got ending 2 and 3 I discovered your house in the game thanks for the rewards though longevous turtle only have 200 endurance..

Mr. Enoch Feest DVM

So far i only passed the tutorial but i can already tell this game is going to be fun. Its got both great artwork and soundtrack. Also, the gameplay is kind of similar to other games but its more story based which i prefer. Cant wait to play this more in my free time.

Dr. Burnice O'Reilly IV

This game seems very generic. Travel to site a, and do A, B \u0026 C, then travel to cite number #2. Do A B \u0026 C then travel to Site number 3, and do A B \u0026 C. All the while collecting resources and gathering supplies that you will need along the way. Each \"boss\" gets harder with each level. Why do you want permission to make phone calls, really? this seems slimy.

Mrs. Vallie Bergnaum II

Increased it by one star since I was actually able to progress further. This time I made it to the end of the cut scene before it started cashing. Maybe someday I'll actually get to a point where I get a tad bit of gameplay before it crashes but eh; the developers seem to be unresponsive to this issue.

Geovany Cartwright

Need better graphics and weapons. Plus ability to modify weapons will be better than creating better weapons. Outfits and Skins needed,both for characters and weapons. Hope these suggestions will help in the 2nd part/Sequal of the game. +1 vote for sequal. Thank you.

Prof. Harmony Kerluke Jr.

GUYS! FANS OR WHATEVER... NEVER EVER BUY THINGS FROM THIS GAME!!! You are going to be ROBBED You will probably be losing your account or progress and will have to start over again! thats called ROBBERY, i spent soo much money buying coins and packs in this game and i was at about 12 days Progress now i have my progress day back to 0