Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling apk icon

Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling apk

Download Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling apk for free.

Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling apk icon

Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling

Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling: tool which is loudly ringing on whistling. Cell phone finder will come in handy if you are scared that in case of urgent need, you will suddenly lose your devices. Don't be scared anymore! Lost mobile gadget finder can solve the problem without GPS navigation: sounds detector app will make an audio search – find phone faster & easily. Look, how you can save time: search your device fast, easy & really quickly. Cell phones finding app lets you really fast find mobile now even on silent mode!

Sick and tired of searching devices? You can't spend time no more? Stop, don't waste time! Don't be afraid of currently losing cellphone anymore in case of urgent need – cause the app will make a loud sound for a phones faster search time, so mobiles instantly found. Don't ask & question how to easily find tablet & devices, where my gadgets & how to search gadgets clever, where is my phone? Ring loudly with audio, discover mobiles instantly. Sounds interesting! Lost device finder will save precious time & solve problems currently: search mobile phones with a clear whistle recognition application. Once sounds whistle, application on cellular will recognize it in background noises; then it vibrates & makes a loud sound, so you can seek it. So cool! Get it now on your cellphone!

Don’t know, where is my device (easy!) and what to do, if I lost my gadget? Stop panic! It works in the light & even in the dark: whistle quickly, so devices always stay in your control: finding is not hard anymore! Gadget finder without GPS maps navigations: keep losing your gadgets for a long time already? Always forget where are they? Don’t be afraid, your problem is solved whilst you are using the application: they are found literally in seconds – speed searching devices faster. We look forward to solve problem of finding your precious gadget: quickly phones by sound recognition phones finder app! Feel safe with our gadget finders – sounds recognition application. Forget jokes about gadgets finding: don't ask questions, cellphone place is found & known now!

App features:
~ Gadget finder: easily & cool. Get it now on your cellular!
~ Like a sound detector for android, but with whistling searching system
~ Solve the problem of your always lost device with loud whistling & searching, without GPS maps or navigations
~ Don't waste time: search missing cellular now!
~ Lost gadgets will not be that anymore – fast & easy finder
~ Stay calm if lost your phone. Ask how? Application will save your lovely time
~ Feel save, control & find your phone easily
~ Can't easy & really quickly find your android cool gadgets? Can never imagine: "Where's my device?"
~ Sounds recognition easily: always control & easily seek your precious mobile literally in seconds
~ If lost, will try a loud whistling: in case of urgent need sounds will help solve your problem faster
~ Or use it as one of interesting & fun apps

Attention: we should instruct that loud noise & background sounds may prevent you from fast searching of cellphone. Main criteria that app recognizes whistling, but in case whilst you whistle & background noises are louder, it may not be recognized. Also, only whistling sound works! So, in case of urgent needs, please beware any sound caused by background & prefer silence if possible. Ask everyone to be quiet: solving problems of background noise can help you with faster finds. Your reviews & comments may help us!

Editor's Note

Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 5.35 from our website for free. Find My Phone Whistle - gadget finder by whistling apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 16 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.

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Dr. Beth Batz IV

I am constantly losing my mobile phone and instantly decided to install this app. But, the app activates every 30 seconds when there isn't anyone whistling or any sounds!? I dont know if it is supposed to do that but this will drain my battery. And although, I do have a dog, but even my dog doesn't bark this much! (activated sound) Anyways I don't know if anyone else has the same problem? But the title of the app is Find My Phone Whistling!

Anabel Barrows

Great app! I didn't think it'd actually work, but man was I surprised! I haven't seen the range limit, but I do know it works with a range of about 20ft. It has a bunch of different alerts including a custom alert and a ringtone alert. It's fun to hear Spongebob yell \"I NEED IT!\" when I whistle at my phone (I downloaded it from a website a while ago, but idk which one). If you misplace your phone often like I do, then this is a good app to download.

Etha Block IV

Best phone finding tool so far! Im a kind of person that occasionally lose or misplace my phone...I didnt even think it works and thinks that its just a waste of time installing it but no.Good job for this great app,I could give higher than 5 stars to this app.Anyways good work and keep on makinf useful phone tools.

Jettie Yundt II

just love it and yeah it reallh works must download....well i have not seen every feature of it ...if i will found it bad i will change my ratings and let u know.. . as i told u i will change so yeah here is my ew review after 1 hour actually ur voice should be there in mic otherwise it is of no use i guess most of you already know but based on my experience i really disnt think about that so maybe some of you will do the same ...... but yeah overall good app

Lyda Kautzer

I'd have give you 5 stars but the ads are way too long and after every click you make, id have purchased the premium one but with a one time payment only, this is not an app to have a subscription for. Would be nice some voice messages to answer your whistle.

Jarvis Howell

overall good as I can see. it would be nice if you could make your own commands to make your phone go off so that, if your in a room and someone whistles, your phone does not end up going off. if there is a way you could make custom commands. or else this can easly go off in the middle of math class. (I thought a solution, two stage safety, example: clap to turn on the app in the tray and then whistle to activate the bell, or bark or cat sound. this would save embarrassing moments.)

Nico Daugherty

Unfortunately it reacts to Google Keyboard's microphone beep. Then this app beeps. Then this beep is picked up by Google Keyboard's microphone, interrupting the vocal recognition. So I have to pause the app. Damn.

Kailee Upton

great! i allways lose my phone i spend all day to try and find my phone and then i got this and now its SOOOOOOOOOOO much easier and most people are adicted to there phone(like me) so thx whoever made this its SOOOOOO easy to find my phone so.......thx so much

Muhammad Schulist

THIS IS THE BEST APP YOU COULD EVER GET!!! If you lose your phone and can't whistle just use like a flute or if you have a sweet tooth, use a musical pop that whistles and you can find it straight away, easy as That! I lose my phone so many times *Even at Parties!* and now when this app appeared, I never lost my phone again. Thanks Developers for helping Millions of people not losing their phones!!😀

Ms. Bianka Bahringer

I can't go between screens or change settings without going through a bunch of ads. I can't even make it loud enough to be heard without watching another ad to unlock that one setting.