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Dots and Boxes game apk

Download Dots and Boxes game apk for free.

Dots and Boxes game apk icon

Dots and Boxes game

Play game with dots. Best dots and boxes game - classic board games. It free board game

HOW TO PLAY Dots n Boxes?
The goal of Dots and Boxes game is to make the square. For every round, a player has to connect 2 dots (vertical or horizontal can be connect and make a line with only 2 connected dots)to draw a line between two adjacent dots. Players gains a point if he closes a square. People also called this game as Paddock or square game. This is 2 player game, player with more number of squares will be the winner. Target Dots & boxs game is available in following modes:-
1. Single player (Play with AI)
2. 2 player game (two player game can play dots game)
3. Multi player dots and boxes mode (online mode)

Dots & Boxes game - Play the classic & original Dots and Box game with neat artificial intelligence of multiplayer game. Game has different playing mode from easy to expert multiplayer game. Player has to make dotted line to fill boxes & make square. four dots game require to form dash squares. you or opponent will declare as winner after endgame who has made more squares or boxes

This dot game you have to make complete box, this is the classic and original "Dots and Boxes" game with multiplayer feature. Thsi classic boardgame has the best Dots & Boxes game version on android phone and tablets with best AI integration and 2 player multiplayer games.

Classic Dots and Boxes ( square game ) is a old school pencil and paper game for two players where player has to connect dots to dots and create squares, sometimes people called as dot connect games. This is one of the popular game of childhood, other name of dots game are Square­it, Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen, pen the pig, Dot Boxing, dot to dot, smart dots free,paddock and boxes, the dot game, dash game or line game. This dashed game isgame one of the best classic game we all used to play and say lets play dots n boxe games with dots, Coolest four squares games of dots and boxes. Player has to dashed dot 2 dot connect draw the line in each move. In the end, who have more match square dots boxes between the lines will be the winner of play board games

dots puzzle game games free key Features:-
* Interesting AI integrated
* Simple and Classic game play
* Addictive strategy for 2 players multiplayer
* FREE dots & boxe version supported by ads
* Dots connecting the dots game available for Android Tablet and Phones
* Multiple board sizes choose from 3x3 dots to many more
* Best casual game for all age groups (including kids)
* Free boxes and dots game free for any age
* classic boardgame popular as paddock or squares game
* Best version of dots and lines or squares game
* Buy No Ads to get free games no ads free
* strategy board game to win the game
* Added games multiplayer for two player game online
* Best two player games

In Portuguese, game called as juegos jogo do pontinho, Jogo ponto its best Couple game - Jogo de casal
Are you ready to take the paddock challenge? Play the best dots and boxes game version. This isgame with many names, this dots and boxes game people also called as Dots and Squares, Dot Boxing, Connect the Dots, Dot Box Game, Dots and Lines, Dots and Dashes, Dot Game, Squares, Paddocks, Square-it,puntos Dots game. Enjoy the classic free Dots and boxes game. Its popular world wide east asian indian game made by indie

Names in other countries -
In Portuguese game knowns as pontos e caixas,quadrado, jogo do pontinho or pontinhos. In Turkish kutu ve kare or kare oyunu; In Italy game called as punti; In Bulgaria its called as dots точки

If you have any feedback of this classic boardgame,make stratigic planning and win dot the game,best point game. Rate us and & feel free to write on MGGAMES email id "[email protected]".

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Christina Lueilwitz

Seems cool except try playing with a buddy - it doesnt send any invite i cant work out how to play with someone else.

Garett Wisozk IV

Well, still got space for getting better, but devs did a great job improving the game!

Jammie Hartmann

This game is good but it can give a tough competition little more

Mrs. Dariana Emard

This is the worst game, this game is cheating it was my turn and the computer take its own turn its very cheap game

Carolyne Hand

very nice and interesting also thank you regards sagarmanisingh

Amy Ledner

it is froad if i gave 2 boxes it dont play with them it playes a rectungular box which contains 2 boxes and do not gave other boxes 😠

Estefania Balistreri

This app is terrible. The first time I open it and try and start an online game it crashes. I reopen, it happens again. No point downloading if you can't even play it.

Hal Jones Jr.

very good games any free Timecomfertabel game nice

Arvid Goldner

Paid for this app and as soon as I did it no longer worked! Email 2 days ago to get money back....still waiting.

Emmett Willms

I'm so into this I rain in to a pole because I was just so focused on the game