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Download Lunar Mission apk for free.

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Lunar Mission

Test your piloting skills from wide open spaces to narrow caves
Simple & intuitive Touch Controls
3 unique spaceships with their pros and cons
Online Leaderboards to compare your best times
31 levels but more to come !

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Alexandre Kovacek

This took me back to playing a game called Thrust on my old Atari 800xl back in the mid 80's!! The me hanics are similar, but the graphics and level designs are much more in keeping with a modern update. The momentum mechanics when carrying a load is spot on and controls are easy to pick up, but hard to master. Ads are kept to a minimum which isna nice change. Totally worth the download, and I'd seriously pay to play a longer, ad free version. Very good work!!!

Ms. Shea Rowe Jr.

My six year old would give this game five stars because it is easy to play but challenging enough to keep him engaged and excited. However, the advertisements are far from being rated for EVERYONE. Most feature brief scenes of violence, including machine gun fire mowing down a line of soldiers or a woman being taken hostage in a strangle hold. This ads are not appropriate for a 6 year old, but the game certainly is. It would be great to have an ad free version available.

Cristina King Sr.

the game is alot of fun and the ads are not that annoying at all. i beat all the levels on easy and got almost done on medium. the problem is when i turned it off and back on the last save was for 25 and not 29. i beat 25 again and backed out to see that it shows your level as an empty box so there is now way to save past 25.

Shyanne O'Connell

Very fun game - sound didnt work at first but did after rebooting my phone. Also the homing missile on level 13 and others is bullsh**! I almost quit the game but finally got it by outrunning the bastard. Please add more missions I beat the game on hard. More missions with the tow cable would be neat.

Jaylon Mann

Brilliant game so addictive, was VERY late for work due to being so absorbed in playing. Easy to play with simple controls would recommend this game to everyone young or old. (took me back to my old Atari ST days). Fantastic work keep it up.

Danika Kovacek

Although the physics is a bit, well, flawed (items don't slow down in space, they keep going until stopped), it was a good game, intelligently thought out, until the designers started having missiles chase your craft. Then I just gave up.

Ms. Kimberly Schroeder Sr.

It's a brilliant game, physics are quite good and feels like the old Vectrex game! Later levels (stuck on 22) could do with some info on the hazards - I can understand making the player figure them out, but if you keep dying, a hint would be nice!

Miss Caleigh Schuppe

HACKER/BUG EXPLOITER ALERT: wtfhappen666 has the high score on level 1 with all three spacecraft. His time for all three is 0.01. Its a great lunar lander type game. One thing that annoys me is how you can gently bump into a battery, you'll explode if you and the battery are moving fast.

Arvilla Hahn

I recently started this game, and instantly got obsessed. I'm still around level 12 - 13. Some of the gamers are saying level 17 and 22 are are extremely difficult, so its yet to come and highly anticipation. This game has all the real feeling of actually being in in space and I'm a \"final frontier freak\". I wish the developer would create a similar game in another location of space, say for instant, one of the other moons of Jupiter or Saturn, or to enhance a bit more, somewhere far away in the Milky Way or our neighborhood galaxy, The Andromeda! Either way this game is simply amazing.

Ms. Ardith Stoltenberg

Perfectly balanced game!!! Some people say that level 17 and 22 are too difficult. I would only advise them to gear themselves up. I've got full stars in both the levels after a few tries. Keep trying and you will find a way out. A bit tough at start to control the second ship but once you get familiar with it, it's a done game. The third ship is also similar to the second one with only a fuel addition and more sensitive legs. That's it. It's too much fun.