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My Affirmations: Live Positive

Want to have a new mindset in this new year and change your entire future?
This application can help you constantly remind you of who you are and the values you want to instill in your mind.

Life does not happen to you, it happens for you.
Your life is your creation. What you believe in will become your reality. Affirmations helps you to change the outlook of your life by impregnating positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. Once you believe in a thought, that thought begins to manifest into reality.

My affirmations application helps to impregnate positive thoughts in your mind by giving you reminders at specified duration. You can select affirmations from different categories, which you want to show as notification.
All the active affirmations will be shown at the interval you specify.
You can modify the affirmation text, folder, recording and image by clicking the affirmation

*Add unlimited custom categories
*Add unlimited custom affirmations
*Add voice recording to affirmations
*Add images from application or SD card as background to affirmations
*19 images inbuilt in application
*Modify existing affirmations
*Fully customizable notification timings
*Enable or disable sound for notification

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Geraldine Lang

Super helpful reminders and affirmations, and you are fully able to add your own. Anything is possible when you can positively program your mind, I feel this is a good tool to begin that process.

Tavares Jaskolski

It's always good to experience these affirmations coming my way from time to time. keeps me up and about through the day and reminds me to believe in myself when I forget.

Tre Crooks II

I like that I can create my own affirmations and set them to pop up throughout the day because i can use this app as self care reminders like, drink a glass of water, or eat a piece of fruit, etc. I have found a way to use this app the way that I want to use it due to the flexibility of the UI. I had been searching for a self care reminder app and not finding one so I'm happy that this one is adaptable! dropped rating bc music won't stop playing.

Kellie Hane

This is perfect! I can create a custom play list, add my own images and even use my own music if I wanted. The settings are very customizable as well, you can loop it, you can play all, change the speed, so many options. The only thing I would suggest is adding a cropping tool rather than the 3 formatting options so I can choose the area of each image I want to use. This would make a great exposure app as well by adding specific images, ex. pictures of audiences for public speaking exposure etc.

Dr. Josiane Rippin

this is a wonderful app. you can use the affirmations they have, add your own, personalze them with pictures. you can adjust the font, move the text and set the time. my only thing is i wish you could adjust time and move text individually. i know that would be very hard but then shorter affirmations you would not have to wait and longer ones you wouldn't have to rush through. The text can get lost in some of the backgrounds depending on where it appears. overall great work.

Dr. Margarita Schaefer PhD

Awesome app! The only thing I wish was different was that I wish it gave you the option of choosing between a couple different voices to say the affirmations that you write. It's cool that it lets you use your own voice, but I wish I could have chosen a male voice to say the affirmations, personally, because I find male voices more calming - instead of having to use my own voice.

Emiliano Lebsack

This app is fantastic; I had lost my phone abd thought I would do without it but I made sure i get it back. There are other similar apps but i wanted this one in particular i have helped alot of people through this app because i have attracted alot of things. This app is in sync with the Universe and the Law of Attraction. To get you into the habit of going to it buy downloading it you attract a mantra for the day everyday from the app.

Madonna Beer

Thank you! Great, low-maintenance app! I especially like the fact that affirmations show up in my swipe-down notifications - it means that I actually read the affirmations throughout the day, without even having to open the app (unless I choose to do so).

Blair Parisian

Really 3 1/2 Stars... For a free app, it's good. I like that it sends me affirmations throughout the day so I am reminded to keep a positive mindset. There are a good amount of ads, and wish one could control that (there might be a paid version) bc I think this would be great for my kids, but wouldn't want the ads, especially since most are not appropriate for children (political polls, relationship, etc). Overall, it's good for what I'm using it for.

Brandon Ledner

I use this app for self-esteem building, gratitudes, motivation, \u0026 self-improvement reminders since I can create \u0026 record own stuff. Only 4 stars b/c recordings can't be exported \u0026 I can't use my own music. Not sure if backup saves recordings, don't want to lose them if it doesn't. Would like edit button while playing \u0026 sort by recorded or not. Has crashed a few times in unpaid version. Paid for premium b/c it's been great otherwise.