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Express Scripts

The Express Scripts mobile app offers eligible members the ease and convenience of managing their prescriptions and pharmacy care anytime, anywhere.

• Refill and renew home delivery prescriptions
• Track the status of home delivery prescription orders
• Request home delivery for medications taken on an ongoing basis that are currently obtained from a retail pharmacy
• View medications and set reminders for yourself or other household members
• Find and compare medication pricing at both home delivery and multiple retail pharmacies

• Easily register from the app and use the same username and password to access the website
• Find the nearest in-network pharmacy using your current location or by entering an address
• Access a virtual prescription ID card whenever you need it
• Look up lower-cost medication alternatives with My Rx Choices®
• View alerts about your medication and get important information to review with your doctors
• Search detailed drug information and view potential side effects, drug interactions, pill images, and more



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Tessie Metz

Terrible app, even worse than the web site. Every time I've tried to use it in the last four months I always get the error \"Because of an error in our system, we can't complete your checkout right now. You can try to check out later or call us at the toll-free number on your member ID card. Reference number: 8068\" The \"checkout later\" part has never worked.

Ms. Danielle Abernathy

The app does not allowing a screenshot. I don't understand why I can't take a screenshot of my own medications or the confirmation page. I can take a picture of the screen with my wife's phone!!! So all the feature does is make extra work for me while not achieving security. Another bad feature is \"specialty\" medications appear as if they can be ordered from the app. They cannot, ordering requires a separate call to Accredo Specialty Pharmacy but you won't know that until they don't show up.

Justus Jakubowski

this app is well organized to allow prompt, efficient reordering, which is greatly appreciated. one complaint i have is that you can't delete scripts you dont want on your own, you need to involve internal staff. some staff have been condescending, asking do you know why you take this med, if you need to discuss your meds, and I find that very unprofessional, that is why i am not rating it 5 stars.

Lenora Toy

Express scripts is an evil corporation, hellbent on destroying American healthcare so they can get richer. Search for: pbm rebates and do your own research. These people are unethical and should be put in jail for making it harder for hard working Americans to afford their medicine.

Margie Huel

The site provides NO way for the member to check or change credit card data for members account(s). Must use unsecure. telephone line with an unknown person to supply or change information. Realize your mission is to make money, but would make the user at least feel safer if you were using current, secure functioning programs. Great 3 dumb questions follow.

Dell Sporer

This app rarely works when I need it. manual log in everytime is a pain in the ass. it offers finger print log in but no way to set it up. parts of this app are repetitious and add to the difficulty using it. I've never been able to use order history or Claims History and always get an error msg stating to try again later. I waste more time when attempting to use this app. no way to delete meds. support is worthless. they often loose script your Dr calls in and claim they didn't get it. hate app

Adah Ryan

This is more of a complaint with Express Scripts in general than just the app. Every time we order we select a payment method and they never use it. They always send us a bill even though we already chose how we want to pay. So we have to go back into the app or website to pay. Please fix this hiccup with your ordering system.

Zachary Kling

Pretty good app but very buggy. Once you get logged in the app works just okay. Many links dontd work even after multiple attempts. Your developer needs to put in more work to debug this app. The app has good potential if you can fix the broken links that are pervasive in the app. And another problem just showed its face in the review section. I rated the app at 3 stars yet when I submit my review it shows that I rated it at 5 stars. It is in no way a 5 star app.

Karina Orn

This app needs major work. The menu screen as well as several others have text displaying on top of each other. When I use the drop down menu, the buttons work when they want and I have yet to log out. When I press the logout button, it closes the menu and returns to the screen it was on. The display id card works well.

Mrs. Kayla Bosco

Manual login is so annoying. It will not save my login info, and the login autofill is always incorrect. So frustrating! If you get an error a few times, you get locked out and have to sit on hold for 30 minutes to speak to someone for a reset. Also, the abilities to manage prescriptions are limited.