MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing apk icon

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing apk

Download MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing apk for free.

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing apk icon

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing

MMX Hill Dash 2 is a FREE all terrain, off-road monster truck racing game with 100s of race challenges – get behind the wheel and buckle up for the most addictive & FUN physics based PVP driving game!

Race to the finish line over a multitude of racing tracks with hazards, hill climbs, jumps, loops, bridges and ramps. Go turbo with awesome truck upgrades and try to climb to the top of the leaderboard in this crazy MMX racing game that will test your driving skills to the limit!

MMX Hill Dash 2 has the biggest trucks and the roughest all terrain tracks like Tropical, Canyon, and Arctic for you to prove yourself as the ultimate hot wheeled driver. With ultra-realistic physics, fun crash scenarios and challenging off-road gameplay, you won’t be able to stop playing MMX Hill Dash 2.

Get both hands on the wheel and your big foot on the gas, download MMX Hill Dash 2 today and start racing.

• Complete challenging off-road racing trials
• Upgrade your trucks, go big on tires, boost your speed and get more grip
• Strap in for some fast PVP action, take on your friends in 4WD race offs
• Climb to the top and be the best MMX driver ever
• Crank up the action with custom upgrades, tracks and hard courses
• Loads of awesome monster trucks to race

Become a legendary driver, take to the road driving hugely powerful vehicles and race hard or go home. Compete on challenging interesting off-road tracks with many different obstacles. Punch that throttle, speed straight ahead and win white knuckle ride PVP races on racing tracks that take real driving skills to finish. Jump over ramps, fly over a variety of obstacles and take the chequered flag.

Create a monster truck to crush your opponents and improve them with different boosted systems. Upgrade your truck and improve Speed, Grip, Stability and Air Tilt! Transform your truck into a unique vehicle for some furiously fast fun.

Get airborne with spectacular jumps and loops that test you as a driver. Control your gas pedal to tilt forward or hit the brakes to tilt backwards, it’s up to you to nail your start before launching your truck over huge jumps. Time your throttle action to perfection to stop things getting seriously out-of-control.

Defeat all your rivals and become a champion driver! Climb the leaderboard by burning some serious rubber in a choice of epic, boosted vehicles: The Micro, The Monster, The Tank, The Buggy, The Quad Bike, The Amphibian, The Supercar and the Snow Mobile

MMX Hill Dash 2 is the explosive follow up to the massively successful MMX Hill Dash - Off Road Racing, it’s high octane, adrenaline fuelled, PVP driving action from start to finish. Can’t drive 55? Good, put your pedal to the metal, download MMX Hill Dash 2 for FREE today and start playing!

Editor's Note

MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 5.00.11445 from our website for free. MMX Hill Dash 2 – Offroad Truck, Car & Bike Racing apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 21 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.

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Fermin Luettgen

the developers of this game are really fair about their leveling system, level designs, and currency. There is an option to purchase currency, however there is a multitude of ways of doing it without so. all the fundamentals for a good game are all within this. including unlockables that you work towards, each stage having a goal to get to, and a difficulty gradient that follows along each level. I normally don't post reviews for games, but MMX Hill Dash always got my attention

Mr. Kiley Baumbach

I don't even want to give you guys a star at all. it's really hard to break a record where when you upgrade your vehicle for stability and to prevent about him so much but what teams to happen is the more money you put into the stability your vehicle seems to bounce higher and higher. contradiction. or when you put money into the grip. but yet you can be full throttle and still slide down the hill whether it's on pavement, or mud. and you've upgraded everything. this is not an accurate game.

Casey Osinski

cool game, kinda, camera is so close that you can't see what's coming which is kind of annoying and i find that more and more the game gets bogged down for no reason and it gets to a point where it looks like your racing in slow motion! luckily the incessant ads don't seem to be affected

Zoila Reilly

It's okay. REALLY grindy. Unskippable ads every couple levels. UPDATE: after spending hours and hours upgrading your vehicle, you can import the GT version of it. little did i know, that RESETS THE UPGRADES. Back to garbage stats, after spending hours and hours on it, AND spending 500 prestige to import the gt? just for me to grind my way back to the same upgraded level? I understand there's in game purchases, but this is just wayyyy too much. I do not recommend this game

April Robel III

if I could give this game a 0 star as I would. Absolutely a waste of time and every single race starts you from the beginning unless you want to pay with diamonds which cost you real money to buy. Useless don't buy it.

Shyann Hegmann

Game is challenging but having a hard time with the vehicle, climbing hills front goes up, boom! Car exploded. Hit the brakes, back goes up, boom! Car explodes. Upgrade the car, seems to get worse. Must be a trick to it I haven't figured out yet. If you get frustrated easily, I do not recommend it. If you got real money to spend, go for it.

Cleora Carroll

honestly it WAS ok but the game is thirsty for money so it makes it super hard to get coins and there is even ads during the racing and the high way to wealth is so bull because it takes 20 hours to reset and you loose everything super fast but overall it is a little satisfying to drive (until you run out of fuel or hit your roof) and if I were you I wouldn't get the game unless they fix some stuff.

Miss Alison Harvey

This game is awesome... Really love it like 10 out of 10 and in the next update pls make a team race , the first team that wins will get a huge amount of rewards , I theres something new like that... Ultra Freakin Ooosome ( UFO )

Roselyn Crist

Game is good. Only thing I would like to see get change is that stupid ball thing where you exploded when getting hit. Bad enough have to beat a map within a time. In anything remove all together or give a game mode with outit

Dr. Domenic Hettinger DVM

Great game, seems like some people ( Nani_36) don't know how to play. Earning diamonds is easy, watch the ads every 4 hours and play the versus multiplayer. Haven't spent a dime, just watched ads and constantly win on versus and close to 60,000 diamonds. Can get repetitive but that's the thing about this game. It's fun to play through out the day