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Samsung Link (Terminated) apk

Download Samsung Link (Terminated) apk for free.

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Samsung Link (Terminated)

Samsung Link is no longer available.

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Foster Hill DVM

WOW, what a shame that they've shut this down. Is it because we're not up to date with our devices??? I totally am with my Phone, as for my Tablet, well I've just started using mine again \u0026 I'm shocked at the amount of Apps that are saying they're not, or may not be suitable for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Note N5120 any longer. So, ok I understand it's not the latest model, but s*** it's still 4G \u0026 capable of a lot more than some more recent Tablets. Oh well, down the hatch we go then. :-(

Pamela Flatley

The fact that the top positive review comes from a business group and doesn't make any sense (probably badly translated) just shows how pointless this is. I'm glad this got terminated. But why don't you just let us permanently uninstall it?

Prof. Ressie Moen MD

Once upon a time, in a far off land. There lived the bestest little app of them all. This app did very big and exciting things that brought all your devices together in one little place. This was an awesome app, on its way to being god like. Well then one day, a mean old corporation came along and killed this little,awesome, wonderful app. Killed it dead, with no warning and no replacement. Dead. Moral of the story kids? Don't put everything you own in one basket, because they will take everything from you.

Demetrius Smith

If you own a Samsung phone and don’t mind sharing every aspect of your life then this appears to be a very good option. However, as per Samsung support, “You can login into Samsung account only from the Samsung phones not from other than Samsung phones as per the device design from the manufacturer.” Last year Samsung’s CEO (Lee Jae-yong) was convicted of perjury, bribery, embezzlement, …. Four other top-level execs were also convicted (source The Guardian). Flash forward to today. If you install the Wearable, Health, or supporting applications you are forced to give Samsung pretty much full access to your phone (location, contacts, calendar, phone, folders, etc.). Doesn’t matter what you WANT to use the apps for. Grant access or the apps won’t even start. Others have complained about the level of access required by the applications. Samsung’s response has been that we should trust them, they won’t share any data. I’m sorry but given the executive convictions, permission requirements, and the response of “trust us” I’m not feeling the warm and fuzzy. Why should I have to give an app full access to my phone just to be able to download a new watch face?

Mozell Haley

Since you've terminated this service, why not you make one last update and insert a self-destruct command so that this app can be deleted automatically when the user updates it. Don't neglect us just because we didn't use your latest device.

Mrs. Sibyl Rowe PhD

if.its terminated. why leave it in my phone ? Why do you'll force sharing every freakin chance you get? I like to close the door when I use the restroom . Don't you ?

Paris Adams DDS

It says terminated. And there is no way to uninstall it. You can only uninstall the updates. And it keeps updating for no reason. Please Samsung, fix this.

Arlene Stokes DDS

I fully agree to what Jonny Jose has mentioned... Please its high time you guys introduced phones in the market without any apps because 75% are useless and unnecesarily occupy internal storage. You could at least make your \"in built\" apps uninstallable so that users can keep or remove them as per user requirements. Please stop forcing things down people's throats.

Darien Parker III

Since you abandoned this app Samsung why am I forced to keep it as bloat garbage? At least take responsibility to make the trash able to be deleted.

Bettie Stehr

I want this app uninstalled. If it's terminated then it's just a waste of space. like seriously! ?