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MaskGun Multiplayer FPS - Free Shooting Game apk

Download MaskGun Multiplayer FPS - Free Shooting Game apk for free.

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS - Free Shooting Game apk icon

MaskGun Multiplayer FPS - Free Shooting Game

MaskGun is a real-time online Multiplayer 3D First Person Shooter built for Mobile Devices

► Simple and Easy to Learn Controls: Learn quickly as you get started, Progress and dominate the leaderboards!
► Skill based PVP Battles : 3 Game modes - DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Bomb Defusal Mode. Five new Maps including Diwali Yard, Ryokan, GhostTown and LightHouse
► Real Time Friends System: Play with Your Friends when they are online, Join your friends in Battle in one click.
► Missions and Achievements: Complete missions and achievements to Level Up and Unlock content. Get VIP to boost rewards and progression
► Player Gear Customization: Customize your character using a variety of equipment, masks, armor and gear. Use a game loadout suitable to your play style.
► Beautiful graphics and supports all older devices: Enjoy beautiful visuals on screen on even older hardware. Small download footprint.
► Free to Play: Play as much as you want, no energy system
► Updated regularly: New Content and Modes, Maps being added every month to ensure that you are engaged, Endless PvP action.
► Global Clan Competitions: Participate in Clan Events with players worldwide. Can your clan dominate and be competitive with globally playing clans.

MaskGun is a competitive multiplayer FPS with great 3D graphics and gripping gameplay. It has simple to learn controls, but still skill based with its competitive gameplay and close battles.

Praise for MaskGun
► Winner - Nasscom GDC Studio Game of the Year - 2016
“One game that I saw that is going to do exceptionally well in our community is MaskGun”
– Eli Hodapp, Editor - TouchArcade, Podcast
“I quite like the first person shooter with the Masks. That was my favorite Game. It seemed so slick and so well done. ”
– PocketGamer PodCast

Custom Game Engine
Game now plays well with all Devices including devices with smaller app size and memory footprint.
Low Battery consumption
Watch the preview video now to see real gameplay of 5-vs-5 multiplayer battles.
(Yeah, it really looks like the screenshots.)

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MaskGun ® is a registered trademark of June Gaming Pvt Ltd since 2015.

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Mrs. Ariane Hegmann III

Great game, fun pass time and great to play with friends. I enjoy this game very much, however, there are 2 specific issues I'd like to point out. the first issue is that sometimes when I'm walking I'll just stop and have to replace my finger on the screen to start moving again, however this only happens sometimes and it may be a hardware issue. second, sometimes the day resets but daily missions stay completed, which is annoying for getting weekly points. Other than that, amazing game!

Prof. Kris Dare PhD

Great game to play when I can play. Do not download this game if you do not have Data from a phone provider. This game was not created for Wi-Fi only and it will drop you from match if it lets you even in a match. If you get lucky enough to gain access to a match and High ping kicks you just once, you will lose all the Rank Points you earned in it, and it will count as a loss on your stats. It's a waste of your money if you subscribe and have Wi-Fi only. Not to mention there is a lot of hacking.

Clotilde Hayes

I really like this game and I think it's a really good fps for mobile but there are a lot of issues with it and other stuff I would like to see fixed. For starters there's a bug that when you spawn sometimes you'll get killed right away from someone on the other side of the map. Also I would like to see a button to quickly switch to knife and then go back to the weapon you were previously on, I think this will be helpful because you could quickly melee kill someone then go back to your gun.

Bruce Weber

Thought the game was great (at first) but then realized it FORCES you into a new tier based on your level- wether you have weapons for it or not. (even though level gives no extra stats). Which means as soon as you level up to the new Tier, you get ANNIHILATED by everyone who have been there longer. They give you NO time to farm gold playing in Tier 1, so you can be ready for Tier2! ***Match players with Tier 2 [gear] together, Not Tier 2[Level] - how it should be. Fix it and I'll rate it higher

River McKenzie

This game is honestly the best shooting game ever. So many cool guns, masks. and outfits. i love how creating ur clan or upgrading ur stuff doesn't cost a lot. its very inexpensive and thats what i like cause some games be wanting u to pay so much just to upgrade or create ur own clan. also there are so many great people u meet on this game qnd i love playing this game with my 2 best friends ⁉❤🔥

Reyna Stoltenberg

Wow this is the most hacked game I have ever played. They shoot through the floor at you. They shoot through buildings at you. 3 buildings is my record. Ive even been killed by someone on the otherside of the map with a knife. Would be an ok game if they dealt with this issue.

Dr. Chase Muller PhD

very bad matchmaking. 1) sometimes you cant enter and its leaves the lobby. 2) sometimes you enter the match which is already half or going to finish. 3) sometimes you enter the match and cant find yourself playing in it. you can only watch other players. 4) sometimes it is 5vs 4 or all the team on side. 5) sometimes if you are playing with your friend ut happens that you enter wile your frnd cannot. 6) i cant invite or play with my friend cause he has just started and i am in tier 2.

Dr. Glennie Christiansen II

Great game both solo and in a group with each game mode being integrated well and in a way that it is entertaining to play. HOWEVER, the only reason I give this a 3 and not a 5 is because of balancing. sure there couldve been ways to monetise the game but not via weapons that someone can buy effortlessly in the cash shop and give them a ridiculous advantage against other players of the same level. For that either create matchmaking system for gear score or do something about the weapons .

Dr. London O'Reilly

this game is amazing because you can operize your guns and add friends(including family\\leo my big brother.) I am soooo good at the game and up to now, i have more than 4,000 caoins. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!

Gussie Klocko

Best moblie FPS I have played. This is my favorite type of game so I have been searching. I would give five stars if when throwing a grenade and you die the grenade should still give you a kill. Grenade Kills After Death Should Count.