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Connect to your Shark ION™ Robot from anywhere using the Shark ION Robot application – conveniently clean your home from your mobile device.
The Shark ION Robot application allows you to:
• Start and stop cleaning
• Set an optional daily cleaning schedule
• View your robot’s cleaning history
• Receive in-application notifications from your Wi-Fi enabled robot
• Access tips, tricks, and troubleshooting directly in the app
• Receive maintenance reminders
• Clean your house…while you are home or away
• Control your robot’s cleaning power with Quiet, Normal or Max modes (with the R75N & R85 models)
• Set Quiet Time during specific times of day or night (with the R75N & R85 models)

• Shark ION ROBOT™ Connected Robotic Vacuum (model R75, R75N, R85)
• Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz band support

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Clotilde Borer

I HATE CLEANING! I straight up hate cleaning..... like it makes me stressed when the house is dirty, this little robot has made my life so much easier. this little robot has made my life significantly easier in the few months that it has been here. I can not stress how much this little guy has help my stress level. means at midnight every night and keeps the living spaces of my house perfect. You should definitely get one of these little guys. l

Elwyn West

works as advertised, and then some. the funniest thing is when you pause the robot and don't dock it, the Google voice Assistant hollers at you and says goodbye in a very condescending tone. that's what makes the app so special :-)

Dr. Nikolas Witting

It's nice to be able to control it from a remote location. You can have it clean if you're going to have people over before you get home.

Emelia Bogan

WiFi troubles, disconnects all the time and have a heck of a time reconnecting it. I live in a concrete building, but I don't have any Wi-Fi problems with anything else. plus if I push the dock on my phone or the dock on the shark it does not dock. very disappointed

Jaqueline Gerlach

not bad but could be better could have a GPS to find it in the house when it gets stuck

Ms. Malvina Bode II

works perfectly and easy to use

Justine Bradtke

This thing needs constantant observation. Should have went with the Roomba mapping system! Add mapping like the Roomba for a higher rating. This is the second Shark I have had and it learns slow, I have to find it regularly, and it fails to find the dock properly. Spend the extra money for the Roomba. The app has problems regularly. Stick with a damn remote!!!!!

Dr. Easter Walker

The app seemed to connect the vacuum but wouldn't work. It never did anything when scheduling it to clean or asking it to clean on the spot. For the past 3 days, it has randomly started cleaning at 5am waking me up! Just now it randomly started cleaning at 11am when it isn't scheduled until 4pm. I'm so done with this thing. It cleans well though.

Jolie Green

Once I read the reviews about turning off your mobile data to install I was finally able to install. Before that I tried countless times to install and it would never connect the vacuum to my wireless. Very frustrating until that point. I did have to delete the app and reinstall after turning off my mobile data. At that point, everything paired up and my app now works to control my vacuum. App is simple and straight forward. Wish it did give more details on cleaning cycle. So far I love the vacuum and that I can now start it with my phone.

Domenico Rempel

Recently purchased a 750 and there are aspects that are quite good and others that need improvement. Quite good: Vacuum pet hair. We have 3 dogs and this seems to do a very good job with the dog hair. Also, the ION now seems to know the entire first floor and effectively covers the area to vacuum in the canned 1 hour sessions. Needs improvement: Ability to schedule multiple sessions daily. Ability to schedule shorter sessions (or return to dock on fill up). Floor mapping and ability to prioritize (and schedule) vacuum areas. Gave rating 3 because of the vacuum ability, but will add stars as Shark updates the app to accommodate technological capabilities.