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270 | Two Seventy US Election

Do you have what it takes to become President of the United States? Can you win the Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes needed for victory in the US Election?

In this strategic race for power, Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes are required to claim victory in the US Election.

During the US Election, each state holds a different campaign cost and number of Electoral Votes to be won, so you must use strategic thinking to plot your way to the needed Two Seventy (270).

There are many strategic elements to consider in this US Election. You'll have to target Geographic Groups, as well as Special Interest Groups, if your campaign is to be successful in accumulating Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes.

So battle it out on the road to the White House by running against political opponents in key states, winning over interest groups and accumulating Electoral Votes to become President!

270 | Two Seventy - Win the US Election

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Laney Morissette

I've really enjoyed this app. Gives you a cool experience of what it must be like to strategize in an election. I voted down one star because you can't unlock new characters, just buy them for $4 each. I wouldn't likely bat an eye if they were $1, or if you could play to unlock. Definitely ways it could be improved (debates would be a cool addition), but still a fun time waster.

Bella Kessler

This issue seems to be fixed, for now. I would like to give some candidate suggestions, but since there is a character limit, I will do it later on Facebook. Great game, but I feel like the candidate roster is growing to the point that people who buy them individually instead of a subscription may need a second way to unlock them, perhaps it should be very challenging, however.

Steve Powlowski

A really fun mobile game, good to play with friends too. I never play mobile games but this one is an exception. Only thing is, the DLC leaders are far too expensive at £3.59 each or £5.99 per month, that's almost as much as a Netflix subscription. It would also be better if the mechanics were a little deeper, say if there was another currency like maybe \"influence\" instead of everything being based around money. Still an excellent mobile game though!

Dr. Vicky Olson

First off I wanna say i really enjoy the gameplay and strategy in this game. It really has a good skill gap between players and that makes this alot better, But the one error I see is no way to progress and get better candidates. Currently you have to pay money for characters and thats perfectly fine since this is f2p and has no ads, But if there was maybe a currency you can get for winning a election or just playing that can go towards buying candidates I believe this will be more replayable.

Carlee Wiza

Hellow developer. I realized that while playing the tournament using my cellphone, I keep getting losses I did not actually lose on playing. I track the problem and I saw that when I delete finish games to free up slots for new games because it only has 8 slots available for play, the ones I deleted registered as losses even though I win and already completed it. Please fix this problem for a fair tournament. Hope youll look into it immediately so that I can enjoy playing in the tournament fair.

Mr. Sterling Osinski IV

Probably the best strategy game I've played on a phone. I highly recommend it. That being said I do have some constructive criticisms for the developers. The single player is too easy, even with the worst candidates and the addon candidates are too expensive in my opinion, I think 1 or 2 dollars is more reasonable.

Filiberto Bayer

The game is very fun to play especially with friends and other players online. However I do wish that there were characters you could play as without having to pay. Though i do understand that a free game must make a profit somehow. Keep up yhe good work and I lok foward to more in the future

Meagan Hammes I

update at the Dev's request: game is fun and looks good. UI is good, too. Heres what it needs for 5 stars: realism. theres no ideological strongholds, party ties, or current affairs. when I play for the red team, I shouldnt be getting in spending battles with Dem candidates over the big conservative, evangelical, or gun lobby groups. It needs a 'realism' mode because it's tough to plan strategy based off what I know about the US, the parties, and the candidates in real life. real cool idea tho

Marilou Funk II

I think it's down right theft to take away options if I choose not to be a continuous subscriber. I purchased the first month of your subscription option, I then canceled to avoid a multi-month agreement. To my surprise, all. My. Options were taken away, EVEN THO I ALREADY PAID FOR A FULL MONTH. WHY?!?!

Genesis McCullough

Amazing game, very fun and kills lots of time. You're able to play solo, with friends or against others online. A few bugs here and there but none of them are damaging to gameplay. Would highly recommend!