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Package Name: com.circleball.hoppingball

Developer: Onepear

Category: Free Casual Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.0.21

Requirements: Android 21 and above

File Size: 36M

Hopping Ball Screenshot
Hopping Ball Screenshot
Hopping Ball Screenshot
Hopping Ball Screenshot
Hopping Ball Screenshot

Hopping Ball

Welcome to Hopping Ball!
Are you the best hopping baller??
Play this colorful and dynamic game and enjoy the visual effects!
Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you start!
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  • Ms. Maryse Pouros DDS

    Pops Up ads even when you're not playing it. Haven't played it in two days and a pop up for shoes comes on. i check recent apps and there it is. What a joke. probably the reason my battery's been draining like mad. Edit for info requested: one popped up while playing another game, one in the middle of a Facebook video. There were two other times, but I don't remember what apps were open. All the ads were for allbird shoes.

  • Prof. Velva Haley DVM

    ads are stupid. pops up when I'm not even playing the game could be sending a text message and this game opens itself up to show me an ad. love the game but im uninstalling to stop the ads

  • Julio McDermott Sr.

    The game is okay. it's fun to play if your only a little bit bored however I have been getting random adds even when I'm not on the game and it's really annoying especially if I am trying to texted someone really important and then a dumb add pops up don't download if you don't like adds.

  • Mr. Angus Wintheiser

    i do a several tests to offline game before i use it first of all i do offline test since i usually play mobile games when im bored in subway + there are no ads offline so i can truly test its ability well... it was seriously lagging. my phone has 4gb ram wirh sd644 chipset and it was so laggy my head started to hurt like it was around 15 fps max. second test is online test and ad fiesta began. ad after every lvl, after every 2 crashes, giving you ads to revive even tho you refused thay option..

  • Dr. Abraham Green Jr.

    I never rate a game 2 star before, but... when i can crush the block, sometimes i will definitely dead bcuz of the rock underneath the crush button. and sometimes when there is the \"wall\" i can't even move the ball near the crush button. :( I don't say this game was bad, i really enjoy it.

  • Serenity Rogahn

    now that the bugs are dealt with, you hardly wouldn't have to watch adverts after every loss. I rate the game 90%. great job to the developer

  • Miss Tania Emard III

    I would actually give it at 0 star if I could. 1. Ads coming at you from all directions 2. Ads coming at you from all directions 3. More ads coming at you from all directions.

  • Nya Ullrich

    Got to lvl 9 and can't go any further as one of the buttons you are supposed to land on doesn't push in, tried to restart the app and everything, still stuck bouncing on a button that doesn't work.

  • Madie Denesik

    VIRUSWARE - this app installs an ADBOT onto your device which will display unwanted adverts on your screen in response to certain keystrokes. This occurs WHILE THE APP IS INACTIVE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

  • Sabryna Rempel III

    Overall game is ok, too many ads when you fail and start a new level, and the game opens up by itself to show me an ad which is not okay.