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Free Solitaire

Absolutley free solitaire game for your Android device.
Simple and original.

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Bill Herman

excellent game. easy to read cards quickly, benefit at my age haha. only one glitch i would like to see fixed. when you select a card that should go to ace stack but it goes to play stacks first if it fits, then you have to click it again to send it to ace stacks. otherwise, best playing game ive found.

Dr. Jayce Blanda V

I have never had a game tell me when I no longer have moves and I do not like it. Once I was moving my hand to make a move that I clearly saw and it ended the game as if there were no more moves. Very Irritating. Plus a lot of advertisements. I do like the play and look of the game though.

Mr. Reyes Ryan IV

the game is wonderful. most commercials are interuptive but gone with a quick return move. one type of commercial is short but will not let you return to the games without completing the commercial.

Jedediah Mann

Too many ads but the game seems good so far. Upon further use, I discovered there is a glitch that has you lose the game with \" No further combinations\" even when you are looking at an obvious move. I had a decent winning percentage until a few weeks ago. Lately I have won twice in the last 40+ tries.

Lane Champlin

I agree with Winger One. The player should be the one to determine if there are no more moves to be made and I hate the ads. Please let us have a few games without being sold something.

Newell Parker I

I'm talking about Free Solitaire. I play it all the time..too much! About doesn't always work to hit the \"X'. Sometimes you have to click on Home and then the Free Solitaire icon I have on my home page. Ads are excessive but a small price to pay for a free game!

Arnoldo Lang

I love this Solitaire game it's fun, challenging easy to play don't have to keep tapping on the cards to get them to move where they belong just one tap that's it If you like Solitaire download this one you will like it too

Larry Beahan Sr.

I did not understand how the score was caculated before. But now I really, really do not understand!!!!! Negative scores????? If it stays this way I will stop playing! I have enough stress in my life. This game one added that I can do without.

Dr. Shaylee Yost II

The game has display issues and locks up after a certain number of games. When a new game is started the cards are not laid out properly - they are laid out in a random manner - and moves are locked. One can shuffle through cards, but not move them as normal. The problem can only be solved by deleting the app and reinstalling. Android Oreo os.

Alicia Doyle

Love this game since childhood! One of the first games that I have been recognized) no special skills and strategies are required, just play for fun! Time passes with her very quickly. Who has not played everything I advise!