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Oil Cargo Transport Truck

So you think you can drive Mega transporter cargo truck? So get ready to drive oil tanker safely from one petrol station to the next with this transport simulator. As a transporter truck driver your duty is to drive in city, pick and deliver oil to the petrol stations in this cargo transportation game. Let’s see how you perform transporter driver duty in “Oil Cargo Transport truck” 3D simulation game in which you have to drive a long wheelbase trucks with a oil tanker attached to it. Cargo transportation driving games were never this much exciting so be the Hero truck driver in this oil tanker game. Oil Cargo Transport truck is all about transporting petroleum in city. The safety of the cargo truck is in your hands so be careful when you drive heavy tractor trailer on extreme roads. Drive high uphill into the mountains and deliver the fuel to the local businesses tycoon Experience the life of a real big transporter driver simulator who drives his cargo to many different places. Drop the dangerous gasoline at the destination and go to the next transport truck driving missions in this transport simulator game. As you start oil tanker job, you have to move to a refinery where the refining process has been completed and refined products are ready to transport. Load all the gasoline in transport truck container and start your journey to city fuel stations. In this transporter simulator, enjoy real road traffic animations, racing challenges, 3d city environment. All driving features exist in truck driving simulator, so start up the engine of your very own oil truck in the latest transporter simulation game.
Oil Cargo Transport truck offers you to drive grand trailer lorry from petrol station depot and deliver oil cargo on different fuel stations in the open city areas. Become road king with this simulator of truck game designed for big boys who love real trailer driving in open city map locations. 4x4 Gasoline trucker is heavy duty vehicle with highly explosive and flammable fuel material. Play as transporter driver in this 3D simulator driving game and transport fuel to the gas stations.

This is not some ordinary trucker parking lot or tractor game. You have to drive fuel tanks, dump truck wheelbase lorry with treacherous sharp turn city roads. Be careful with flammable gasoline material so avoid any collision and don’t damage your oil tanker transporter vehicle. City petrol pumps are running out of fuel transport oil lorry and fuel up the gas stations with your gasoline tanker trailer in this transport simulator game. Enjoy one of the best cargo truck games you have ever played before. Precision and speed driving simulator can let you deliver your cargo with safety. If you have ever controlled a heavy-duty trailer, this one is going to be an ultimate adventure simulator mission for you. Don’t get anything damaged while loading the truck.

★★★Oil Cargo Transport truck Features ★★★
- Drive with extreme safety
- Awesome truck driving challenge missions
-Best Driving Simulator Game
-Attractive 3D environment
- you can drive your big truck with steering wheel, tilt device or buttons
- Clock is ticking so transport Fuel on time.
- Extreme precision 3D simulator of Mega Truck.
- Realistic animations of vehicles in this simulator game
- Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting
-Find parking area and park your truck appropriately
- Transporting Oil barrels

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Arielle Paucek

if I could give this game 0 stars I would.The ads are way to much.You download the app you watch an ad.You tap play you watch an ad.You tap level selection you watch another ad.Couldnt even play the game.Dont waste the space.

Stephen Pagac

Absolutely terrible game. Ridden with pop up game ads that you have to watch, each for about 25 seconds, after every 2 minutes. Kids end up installing these ads inadvertently.

Kelton Prohaska

The game does not work I just wasted data

Mr. Clint Von V

This is world best truck draving game. I love truck draving games. Thnx

Mrs. Lesly Schultz PhD

The graphics levels r totally different frm the picz n in d app cheaters

Joanny Conroy

3rd class game very bad control

Prof. Marge White

Bad. When I try to get to cargo place the poeple will freaking just destroy \nyour semi so dum delete this game

Joshuah Collier

It is worst game a have ever played please do not download this game and \nwaste mb and last do not download this game

Tavares Blanda

Too many ads... Unable to olay as controls dont respond as per input...

Mrs. Pat Hauck DVM

To be honest it's a pity that the developers wasted their time on this \nproject.