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Cat Condo

Build your own cat condo and populate them with cute furry feline friends!

Start with a small kitty. Then combine, mix and match your kittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.

Discover and unlock many types of cats. Complete achievements and gain rewards. Watch your condo grow to a big tower which is filled with toys all over.

It's simple and addictive fun. See your cats go through an evolution. Gain coins even when you are idle or offline.

Become a master kitty collector. Let’s find all the kawaii neko!

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Prof. Nestor Veum

i love it so much! the kittens and cats qre the most adorable things i have ever seen! money is easy to get, unlike some other games. iront think i will ever delete this! pls make more games like this! if you do, i will also download that game! i love the game. playing this game everyday makes my life so much more brighter. it doesn't have that many ads. u will give it 5 stars . i love it so much! everybody should download it, these type of games are rare, like diamonds! thanks for making this!

Frederick Veum

I love this game sooo much! It's the best combination game I've ever, and I mean EVER, played. There's so many different cat breeds and they all don't hv the same position! Things can get A LITTLE pricey, but that's just life. The Birman looks a little creepy in my opinion, the eyebrows (or if their just fur patterns, idk) look like extra eyes and it's hard to concentrate. Other than that the game is great. I play on it in my free time and look forward to playing it after school.

Delores Lehner

It's so relaxig and distracting at the same time. Played it on a 2hr flight and it felt like a 5minitue flight .Love the graphics and noises . Try tapping the cat multiple times the noise is hillarious. And even better : WORKS WITHOUT WI-FI . This game is overall amazing and so many variations of cats that truly show what kind of cat it is! Strongly recommend this game!

Muhammad Kuphal Jr.

Love the game. no in-game purchases needed to play. I'm level 19 and I'm addicted. with no time limits it's very easy to get sucked into for hours at a time. cute gameplay and easy to wrap your head round. what I would add however is customizable colours and toys for the stretching posts. and maybe alittle more animation for the cats. just something more to look at really.

Mr. Loy Jakubowski DDS

Good graphics and fun. There are so many combine games out there but I love this. The ads are reasonable and controllable. You can watch them if you like and decline if you don't. A fair way to their earnings. Unlike some others would force you to watch or even take over your phone for ads when you are not using the app. Support, please keep it up!

Danial Bernier

This is a awesome game! I like how you still get coins when your gone. It's easy to get around. I don't understand the bad reviews. This is the best game ever! Nice music and cute kittens, some are cute and some are funny. And when the next new cat/kitten you are always curious of what it is. And when there's no Wi-Fi you don't need it. Awesome traveling and at home game. 5 STAR review!

Savanna Hudson

I'm not usually into merging games, so I didn't go into this with high hopes--BUT, I actually found that I really really love this game! It's cute, good graphics, and super addicting! 😊 I only wish there was a way to ubgrade the fastness of the cage without having to spend actual money. Otherwise, a great game! 😁

Summer Conroy

It's great! There's only one minor thing I'd like to mention: When I have the app open, there's a very faint static coming from the speaker of my phone, regardless of the volume settings on both the phone and the game being completely turned off. I'm certain it's something to do with this app; I did some experimenting and it only happens when I have Cat Condo open.

Ms. Marina Bogan

it's so fun you make more cats by getting cats it's like the best I went to Ottawa and I played it for like the whole car ride it's a really really fun games like you could do so many things and it doesn't take up much space and the sound is really good and all of the graphics and like just like really really really good I really like it I recommend this game you should probably get it like if you love cats and that you can get like over a thousand cats probably if this was helpful just tell me

Nella Boehm

This game is very addicting. I've been on it for about 5 hours!!! So many cats to discover!!! Great job to whomever made this!! This is my new coping game, it helps me relax and de-stress. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Keep up the amazing job you guys!! 😁