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Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019 apk

Download Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019 apk for free.

Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019 apk icon

Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019

Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019

Amazed yourself with the most thrilling car stunts and heavy vehicle by transforming from cars to tanks, ambulances to fire brigades on the highway. You are not playing or driving at plain ramp stunts, it's purely designed as highway car ramp game of 2019. Finish the levels in this plain highway race cause this is not like a sky-high impossible race track to compete with your friends, here you have to compete with your companions or opponents and there cars have not able to transform in multiple vehicles like you have this ability. You are filled with racing stunt skills on the toughest rushing highway tracks or ramp of extreme car stunting mania. This game is for all the extreme crazy drivers who want to play this Optimus car, jet stunt cars, Optimus tank or real robot transform cars and robot those who want to become the legends of tricky car extreme tracks. We challenge you to participate in modern cars and they feels like robot transformation & racing against the biggest plain road but traffic feels like it's a mega death ramp ever. Let’s explore the scariest ride and fabulous transformation today on your Android device, you can see the transformation of a tricky car into a tank and this ultimate machine fires on this tricky cars land. You are not a car surfer & this is not a water surfing game and you are not playing a surfing car in this free car game.

This is a simulator racing car arena where you are not a single driver, you need to protect yourself from the opponent drivers in this amazing driving games. Don't forget to drive crossing speed limits on this cars land tracks or plain ramp you just keep eye on your opponent while overtaking on high speed, cause this is not a sea racing where you have a huge racing track or mid-air mega death ramp. You have multi cars for this mixed race of cars and robot racing. It's a city race where you will drive your vehicles & boats to cross the checkpoints to win this race. Car jump or vehicle jumps on the stunt-run mode, it's a mega fly achievement of robot racing.

The toughest mega ramp needs jet impossible car driver to drive and shoot ultimate machine fires through the war tanks. It's a mixed race of jet cars, Ambulances, fire brigades, and war tanks to shoot the rival traffic and cars have the mega fly powers. We get a special thrilling feature for you and that is car fight when your car transfers/transform into an Army Tank then you can blast your opponent cars & robots or different vehicles like Ambulances, Ferraris, Lamborghini, Land-Cruiser.

Don’t forget to check the leaderboard score to make sure you remain in the leading position after each performance on twisty tracks. Reach checkpoints in time, to transform your vehicles to the most awaiting models. Pathway mega ramps are designed for Sports cars, Army Tanks, Ferraris, Ambulance etc driving to give always high performance while on a racing challenge. More than 5 multi transformation checkpoints to teleport from heavy trucks to war Tank ride.

Highway Car Transform Tank Stunt Racing 2019 FEATURES:

> Amazing concept of transforming cars into multiple vehicles
> Smooth controls and amazing game play
> Realistic city view and high graphics
> Unique and crazy highway stunts
> Explore complete environment by listening amazing sound

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Isom Vandervort

this game is bad

Nathaniel Balistreri

worst game i have ever played

Eryn Mosciski

I think this is baddest inthe world please include mission

Bette Weber

worst game

Tevin Dickinson


Gladys Altenwerth


Miss Caitlyn Rempel


Mr. Daryl Howell


Prof. Berry Grady V

Good game I like it because it has unique ideas of vehicles change and tank fires and blast are very good I like tank..play it

Nils Bechtelar

They came up a new idea of car transformation. Excellent graphics. enjoyed it. 👌