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First Watch Mobile App

No more waiting! The First Watch App is a convenient and easy-to-use app that allows you to put your name in for a table from anywhere! See how long the wait is at your local First Watch, add yourself to list, then time your visit accordingly.

The First Watch App also allows you to see the menu, find your restaurant, play a fun memory game and sign up for the Sun eClub. More exciting benefits will be added in the future!

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Yessenia Langosh

Checking in on the App is completely useless. when I put our name in, it said 18-23min wait. When I arrived at the restaurant 15min later, they said it would be an additional 20-25min wait. Maybe it's just the Cherry Hill, NJ location, but it seems like an issue with how they use the app, because everyone waiting there that had used the app was having the same problem.

Frederic Hodkiewicz DDS

App not reliable. Works intermittently. Have had occasions when I used app to get in line, but when I arrived at restaurant the app indicated we were not in line, even though I had received an initial confirmation text.

Prof. Destinee Roberts V

App says to arrive at 9:43 am, so we did exactly that. Check in with the host, and he says, \"we don't have a table right now, it will be about 15 minutes.\" so what, exactly, is the point of this app if we are still waiting as if we didn't already put our name in? No other guests in the waiting area, which means we didn't get any sort of advantage by using the app.

Kaela Moore

I just got in line at my local location and it had a 15 min wait, we arrived on time and attempted to check in but was not on the waiting list. We checked and it was the correct location, but it didnt save us from having to wait another 20 min to be sat. Making it over 30 min to wait. Not convenient.

Erika Harvey

App does not work. Every location always says \"We can seat you now.\" including the location we just went to where the line was literally out the door. Tried on two phones, has persisted for months. Useless in it's current state.

Giovani Waters

I have had several circumstances where I tried to use the app to get in line, it says 0 min wait, however when you get to the store, the wait is sometimes 30min. Just wanted to update on this flaw in the app

Elva Gerlach

Not reliable. put our names to be in line through the app but doesnt show on their end. Happened many times.

Ms. Yvette Lowe II

We used the app to reserve our spot and it said 15-30min. We took our time getting to the restaurant and when we check in we're told it's going to be 45 min. Why even bother using the app? I won't be using app ever again.

Mr. Freddie Keeling

Checked in online and made it before the suggested arrival time. App said there were 0 parties ahead of us. Hostess said there were 10.

Mohamed Huels

I cannot get in line in through the app. I have told them several times about it and they just give me a snarky response even after I showed them it's not working.