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Download Gesa Xpress Digital Banking apk for free.

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Gesa Xpress Digital Banking

Your banking on your schedule, all from the palm of your hand. Move or send money between your Gesa accounts or to someone else. Deposit your checks, pay your bills, apply for loans and credit cards, open a new account - all from your mobile device. Need your balances quickly? Set up Fast Balances to get account snapshots without even logging in. All of this and so much more!

Biometric access available on compatible devices.

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Prof. Hailie Parisian MD

If I could have given this negative stars you can bet I would. Yet again a so called improvement that only improved their utter lack of customer of customer support, gross incompetence at running anything digital and ridiculous stance of adhering to some archaic business model of \"have not made a mistake\". Absolutely the worst bank I have ever had the misfortune of using. If you ignore the reviews as I did you have only yourself to blame for the quagmire you will have to deal with.

Miss Maeve Hand IV

I hope you dont want to deposit checks on the go, because their automated system couldn't tell the difference between a perfectly square and illuminated check. and the desk behind it. I've been able to successfully deposit 1 check after taking more than 30 pictures of it before it was accepted. But my next check has been continuously declined for ever changing reasons.

Jedediah O'Connell

Absolute TRASH excuse for an app. Doesnt function even in a loose sense. Can't log in because it wont recognize my password, or my SS# when I try to recover my password, I dont know why you people had to go and fix something that wasn't broken. Looks like I'm going to Gesa to close all of my accounts and switch banks to one that actually knows what they're doing. Take this app off the marketplace and bring back the old one.

Bryce Metz

I have been a Gesa member for 42 years and this is the first time I have been totally disappointed. I went into Gesa and they tried to help me with this app. for over an hour. At least it shows in playstore now but it will not let me log in. I do all of my banking by mobile and now for 2 months I can't. Looks like they would have beta tested this. It it useless maybe I will check out Hapo.

Lorenza Rodriguez

checks I used to be able to deposit aren't recognized. Also, is it a bug or feature that when I turn off my phone while in the app, then get back in, the app is still active - no re authentication needed? Overall, big step backwards.

Velda Leannon

this new app is ridiculous! I have relied on mobile banking for depositing weekly checks without problems until this new app. I have tried 20 times and receive various rejection notifications, very irritating! Been trying for 40 min. unsuccessfully! LAME!

Trycia Kiehn

Check deposit feature no longer works, I rarely had any problems depositing a check with the old app but no its impossible no matter what I do. Gesa FIX your mobile deposit feature.

Amanda Auer

Love the new app so far! All the helpful tips from Gesa prior to the upgrade really helped with a smooth transition! Something I learned from an employee, if your information isn't up to date in their system, go in or call and make sure everything is correct. It makes verifying your profile easier. The employees are so helpful and will walk you through the whole process!! ♥️

Willie Huel

Horrible, havent been able to check my account online in any way shape or form since this update. Extremely frustrating.

Mr. Luciano Lubowitz

Love the update! Friendly user, convenient, \u0026 easy log in. Read, followed the prompts, and boom got in. All those emails and reg. mail on updates was super helpful. Thanks Gesa!