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Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer apk

Download Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer apk for free.

Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer apk icon

Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer

Gloomhaven Scenario Viewer allows you to load any scenario from the boardgame hiding any unopened rooms, monsters, special sections and conclusions.

You can easily zoom into any section and toggle the hidden areas

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Isabel Koelpin

Really useful. Nice that it hides rooms not explored. Though sometimes you click abd see by mistake but no worse than book. BIGGEST COMPLAINT is an odd one. Theres a nice in app features buy ability to only see monsters based on players count. But can't see a price anywhere

Dr. Ollie Blick III

This is an awesome app!! I hate being the one to set up the scenarios and accidentally glance into the other room and seeing what's in there beforehand.

Ms. Mellie Stanton

The most recent comments are factually incorrect: there are no ads, and the unity splash screen is SUPER brief. The back/home buttons do dissappear (like all full screen apps) but you can swipe up from the bottom to see them again(like other full screen apps). Great app. Thanks!

Rodolfo Gottlieb

Edit: It's fixed now. Thanks. ( I liked the app more before I unlocked it. It wasn't clear to me that it fixes it to one number of players. It would never occur to me because it makes no sense at all. I wish I could undo the unlock and have access to the other player counts, because now the app is useless for my 2 and 3 player sessions.)

Elijah Cormier

Better than the old version. Rooms and doors are all shown with no way to hide them, only the monsters and tokens can be hidden. Would be nice if overall/global token and monster list could be revealed on a room by room basis. I like that it matches the fact, but some other optional features would be nice for hiding extra things.

Mr. Bennie Torp IV

Like the update but the UI feels a little slower (Pixel XL). Would be pretty cool if I could check off a scenario once completed/blocked. Otherwise, I'm glad all scenarios are in one app now. Much appreciated!

Gabriel Kling

The app is great and all, however after getting the unlocked features, I could not find the option to restore purchase on another device of mine. Wondering if that is possible.

Keanu Lubowitz

Meh, the changes bugged me at first, but I've figured them out now. I get why the double tap, but it took coming here to read others mention it before I figured it out. Same with the treasure, apparently you gotta double tap to reveal its number.

Felton Kutch PhD

Great app, using it for every scenario. It would be great if could bring back the double-click possibility for revealing map tiles etc. It often happens that I accidentally reveal something when zooming in or out. You could make it an option in your settings.

Elinor Turcotte

This app just makes playing Gloomhaven seamless, and we can concentrate on game decisions instead of game mechanics. I just wish they had an ios (first time I've said this phrase), because my friends only have Apple devices.