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Geo Tracker - GPS tracker

You can find answers to most common questions in the FAQ section of my website:

If you're looking for an excellent gps tracker, if you're a fan of action sports and long distance travel - this app is for you!
Record tracks of your trips and share them with your friends!

Geo Tracker can help:
• making the reverse journey in an unfamiliar area without getting lost

• tell your friends how to repeat your route

• use someone else's route that is stored in GPX or KML
• mark important or interesting points of your trip.

The application is able to record, even when switched off. Very long tracks could be recorded without problems - you are limited by storage memory only. Recorded tracks are saved in GPX or KML format, so they can be used in certain applications such as Ozi Explorer or Google Earth.

When showing track on the map, the application keeps device backlight, which simplifies track navigation usage.
Geo Tracker is based on public API of Yandex.Maps, so in trips over Russia and CIS countries you'll have the most detailed map of the area.

Application can calculate track statistics - boldly show off your achievements to your friends :)

Geo Tracker calculates:
• Max & average speed on the track;
• Time and average speed moving;
• Max & min altitude, altitude difference;
• Vertical distance, ascent & speed;
• Min, max & average slope;
There are also some fine charts of speed & elevation;

If you have a proposal how to enchance the application or faced some problem - please feel free to contact me: [email protected] Thanks!

Useful tips & tricks to solve common GPS issues with your smartphone:
• If you start the tracking please wait with recording your activity until the GPS signal is found.
• Restart your smartphone and make sure that you have "clear view" of the sky before you start (no disturbing objects like high buildings, forest, etc.).
• The reception conditions are permanently changing because they got influenced by the following factors: weather, season, positioning of satellites, areas with bad GPS coverage, high buildings, forest, etc.).
• Go to phone settings, choose "Location" and activate it.
• Go to phone settings, choose "Date & time" and activate the following options: "Automatic date & time" and "Automatic time zone". It may occur that it takes longer until the GPS signal is found if your smartphone is set to the wrong time zone.
• Deactivate the airplane mode in your phone settings.

If none of these tips & tricks helped to solve your issues, deinstall the app and reinstall it again.
Be aware that Google uses in their Google Maps app not only the GPS data but also additional data of the current location from surrounding WLAN networks and/or mobile networks.

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Danika O'Connell

App not usable. GPS completely inaccurate. With device sitting on a table the app said i traveled 300 feet. The position moves all over the place. I do not have this issue with other apps that ise GPS. Also the license agreement is only binding in the Russian version which means if you dont read Russian then you have no clue what you are agreeing to.

Finn Gutmann

My initial review: 5 stars - Awesome! Love it! I use it when I'm walking my dog. It will lay out your track on a satellite image, with the names of the streets and then give you details of exactly how long the walk was, minimum altitude, maximum altitude, rate of climb, it's great! Update 4/6/19: it stopped working. Keeps track of time only, no GPS functionality, no maps, no distance. I wrote the developer twice, with screen prints, and have had no response.

Ms. Ressie Hartmann Jr.

Good app, use it for a paper route that is 85 miles with 400 customers. adding details to waypoints is good. there aren't different color markers which is a bummer but not a big deal. Crashes at times but loads right back up and usually the waypoint you added is there. only reason for 4 star is that there aren't more options for waypoints or directional recordings. Little arrows would be really helpful

Jeremy Morar DDS

I am very happy with this app. It tells me where I parked if my navigation skills fail, it tells me me start and max elevations, how much I climbed, and how far I hiked. It works well out where there isn't any cell service, and it doesn't kill the battery on my phone.

Colten Sawayn

Excellent. It does everything I need when recording walks and it all is packaged so the options and tasks fall to hand readily. Initially one needs to use it a few times to find where everything is - then evenrually you realise it is done that way for very good reasons.

Rhianna Pfannerstill MD

great app especially if you hike, mountain bike, or ride a motorcycle and want to record the details of a trip (map route, elevation, speed, etc). I have a friend that used the trip report to fight in court from a speeding ticket and the prosecuting attourney says it would not be admissible in court unless a representative would show up from the app company to verify the information and accuracy... that being said they still dropped the ticket because the information was definately believable.

Ms. Catherine Lubowitz

turned it on and went for a walk. after three hours it showed that i walked 88 meters. Internet and gps were stable. whatever... Tried it again for a walk. It showed I walk 0 meters in two hours. LOL.

Anita Altenwerth

Used to work great on my Samsung S5 \u0026 S7. On my Huawei Honor V10, not so much. Checked battery mgmt setting but it still cuts out after recording for a short time. It's a shame as otherwise it was a first rate GPS track recording app.

Zetta Erdman

After trying several other tracking apps I'm very pleased with GeoTracker. It provides great detailed tracking, uses minimal battery and the logs are easily exported. I also like the ability to see statistics for the log, and to load and view previous logs. Well done all around!

Miss Elinore Heller

This is a pretty nifty app that I have turned a few people in my motorcycle group to. they enjoy its simplicity, i like how it draws a line everywhere you have been, so you can back track, even out in the woods.