Chinese endoscope for Samsung, LG (OTG USB camera) apk icon

Chinese endoscope for Samsung, LG (OTG USB camera) apk

Download Chinese endoscope for Samsung, LG (OTG USB camera) apk for free.

Chinese endoscope for Samsung, LG (OTG USB camera) apk icon

Chinese endoscope for Samsung, LG (OTG USB camera)

This app allows you to capture and save videos from any USB-camera or Endoscope and from the "native" camera of your gadget.

The recording can begin:
1) When you press a special button on the screen (green button)
2) By motion detector
3) By the sound detector (you can just shout out loud and the recording will start)
4) Scheduled

How does it work?
1) Videos. To start video recording you need press big button in the left top side of the screen.
2) Photos. To make the photo you need click "photo" icon in the right top side of the screen.

In addition to the SD-card, the app can store the video on Google cloud and on YouTube.
Also, the functionality provides hidden video surveillance, using several cameras:
1) USB camera connected via OTG USB cable
2) IP camera via WI-Fi
3) Own gadget camera

To use this app please check:
1) Your smartphone must have OTG USB support
2) Your USB camera is UVC-compatile
3) Your OTG USB cable is correct and reliable.

There are certain requirements so you can connect the gadget to an external USB camera.
1) Check that your gadget can support USB OTG. This means that you can connect different peripheral devices (e.g., USB flash drive, USB-disk, etc.) to your gadget via USB.
2) USB camera must support UVC standard. This means that that USB camera can be used in Android.
3) A high-quality micro USB OTG cable must be used to connect the USB camera and gadget. This means that this cable should not be very long - the shorter the cable, the better.

Why the screen is black?
Let's say your gadget supports the OTG function and the USB camera is compatible with ANDROID. But the screen remains black.
Why? The reason may be in that you don't choice "Use by default for this USB device" in the dialog box.
This dialog box appears when you start the application with connected USB camera.
The appearance of this dialog box is guaranteed after the gadget is restarted.

This a stable app. But it does not support Android 9 and some Huawei / Moto gadgets!
Please, appeal to the newest my app "USB camera for Redmi Note/Moto/Sony/ Huawei (2019)" that supports Android 9 really.

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Ms. Marilyne Romaguera MD

Worked twice. For a few seconds then keep shutting off camera and reconnecting. Buggy. Its the same interface as some others at the playstore so they are mostly the same chinese app. I have neen looking for borescope apps and tried a few. So far none really works. Crappy apps developed to sell crappy usb borescopes. Even the ID of the developer and website are fake.

Evert Wintheiser IV

After several attempts to load this app I finally got it working. I was concerned that the inexpesive chinese endoscope was not working but now I'm happy once the software loaded correctly. It is working very well on both Samsung S4 and S7 phones

Sienna Cummerata

After installing app and connecting camera as instructed, and after trying multiple fixes, only get black screen. Camera is connected with usb connector that came with my phone and is detected and shows connected and light works. Useless on S9+

Celestine Watsica

works well but a little confusing when it comes to photos or video recording and saving. I use it for a usb microscope and it satifies that use. Could be better as far as options.

Rhianna Cartwright

for the first 10 minutes download was ok but after that its became so sheeet. 😠 when you press start to record video , it's doesn't shows the red button record vidoe. you never now where the vidoe goes when you record for the first 2 sec. also it always required me to choice a (( sd card 0 or sd card 1 )) I even don't know what they are, where to find them and where they are so idiot and full of headech app. all have to pay or buy a new vision. so idiot

Antwan Mayert

I bought a scope and couldn't get the original App to even install. This App loaded easily and has worked perfectly so far.

Consuelo Ruecker

worked right off the bat. video quality is not bad. hope the chinese aren't live feeding the video. highly recommend.

Yoshiko Upton

It doesn't work With Samsung S9 connected to Y202. two apps nothing is working. light is working that means there is connection. any help admin? please

Mr. Jaren Dietrich III

totally surprised that this worked, I've had my endiscope for a couple of years and never got it to work until now so great job guys

Ms. Marian Hagenes

Working on vehicles is sometimes difficult enough and requires 2 to do some jobs a second is for holding the camera while the other works in cramped positions in and beneath.