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Download Happy Color™ – Color by Number apk for free.

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Happy Color™ – Color by Number

Happy Color™ – Color by number is number 1 🔝coloring book 📖 on Google Play.
Enjoy coloring pictures for free and get unique drawing experience 🌞

Discover great variety of themed coloring pages: animals 🐼, florals 🌸, mandalas 😀, holidays 🎉 and many more.

Coloring has never been so easy, all drawings are marked by numbers. Open your color by number book 📕 and rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring ❤. Paint and share your favorite coloring pages with friends and family 👨👩👧👦, let everyone see your fantastic drawings 🖼!

Color your life with our adult coloring book 📘!

⚪ You never get bored, there are more than 2000 free pictures in our coloring book 📖, and we are constantly adding new images for you.

🔴 If you are true color by number lover, join our Facebook community 📲. Get bonus coloring pages, take part in funny quests and competitions and find new paint by number friends!

🔵 Color and recolor pictures wherever you want 🗺, no paper and pencil needed 📝.

⚫ Paint by number and relax, enrich your coloring experience, get rid of anxiety and tension, relieve stress and find inner peace 🏞.

🔍 Discover the joy of art and color your stress away! 💆💆🏽

We are constantly working to make our coloring book better, please, share your feedbacks: [email protected]

Join our Facebook community and enjoy more pics everyday: https://mobile.facebook.com/happycolorbynumber/

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Mrs. Mariam Jast DVM

AArrgghh!!! LOL 😀 It's official!!! I'm HOOKED on this game!!! From easy to hard, relaxing yet challenging. A great way to get lost for hours. My only disappointments is that the catalogue/menu is very vague \u0026 broad. In some areas there's are any choice, ie: sharks, snakes, spiders. Different genres. Fix these small things \u0026 I might upgrade rating to five

Solon McKenzie

Pictures are great. Fun and relaxing app. My only problem that is keeping me from rating it 5 stars, there is no log in to it or linking it to an account ie: facebook. Which means if you try playing on a different device, you start over from the beginning. Everything that you've already colored has to be colored again. You lose all your progress and that's not right.

Prof. Henri Goyette II

I loved ths game but it disappeared from my tablet. When I redownloaded everything I'd done was gone. I had finished about 5 categories. I'm not going to restart again. Sad it was fun. Thanks X-Flow for the follow up! I started playing again because i enjoy it so. I'm just not trying so hard to finish categories. It'd be nice if you could try to makeca recovery program.

Lolita Renner

Update April 2019: Digital paint by numbers helps pass the time. Take time to watch the ads, it keeps the free part free which is alot. 4 stars rather than the initial 1 you got for jumping at me for a review when I first loaded the app. ------------------- Just started and wants a review already...tsk, tsk. what happened to letting users give reviews they weren't pressured into giving. If I'm forced to change my review, I will delete and post my review elsewhere with my screenshot.

Guido Baumbach

Hands down the best of it's genre! Easy to use setup that includes a News section where you can find fun coloring \"games\" and connect to their FB to get more pictures. Basic color by number so you can just unwind, relax and just color. Simple settings menu includes 3 highlight options that allows for a unique/personal difficulty setting. Lastly I would like to respectfully acknowledge the developers, thank you for caring, being present and available to your vast community of followers.

Brooke Armstrong

I've tried a lot of these and this is by far the best one. I've had this app forever. Its my goto app all day long between the constant pop up ads, screen freezing, taking me back to the home screan, not showing the gray airea when you tap on a number. this app went from so cool to the worst app ever. no answer.. this app is outta here

Effie Ratke

Deleted!!! Have been using this app for months and they've finally decided to ask for permission to use my data, but there's no way to decline the use of my data, so it has to go. I'll watch the ads, but if I can't use the app without giving you permission to use my data, I won't be using the app or watching your ads.

Fermin Strosin II

i really love coloring...but sometimes you just cant due to situations...but this app has made it nice to color any time...i really found i enjoy the number coloring...i wish it was available on the kindle fire...i have not found a coloring experience for the kindle fire...so maybe your team can work on getting it on then i could color any time

Prof. Josianne Hermann

For those complaining about there being to many ads... Yes there are a lot of Ads in the free version, however if you tap on the settings there is an option to remove ads... If you are enjoying the app and just Tired of all the ads, you just buy the App for $4... Boom! Problem Solved! No more ADS! UPDATE: Love this app but ever since the latest update I've been getting slow connection issues. Please update and fix.

Prof. Lavonne Cronin

I love coloring! I find myself being relaxed and stress free. Sometimes though, I think some of the colors that are used could be better colors for that certain picture. I, also wish that the shading would go back to all grey rather than what they have now with the plad.