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Requirements: Android 10 and above

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Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends Screenshot
Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends Screenshot
Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends Screenshot
Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends Screenshot
Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends Screenshot

Blade & Wings: 3D Fantasy Anime of Fate & Legends

Blade & Wings (1st Anniv.) is a 3D anime online action role-playing game that rated as a promising mobile MMORPG, which brings high quality graphics with a captivating story line and features a variety of challenging quests. To be distinguished from the crowded realistic style action RPG games, Blade & Wings brings a bright and fresh anime.

New Features:

[Character System Escalation]
Unlock character's level to Lv. 500 and new Rebirth.

[Pet's Awaken System]
Strengthen your pets into different forms for stronger assist in battles.

[Ascension of Mounts]
Power up your mounts with ascension crystals for ATK and HP bonus.

[Forge System]
Forge surplus materials into valuable items.

[Refine Wings for extra attributes]
[New Heirlooms, Outfits, T9/T10 Gears, Offline Friends' Assist, etc]

For too long, players have become accustomed to battling against just NPCs in traditional games. Blade & Wings uniquely impact this primal setting and reverses the identity between NPC and player. In Blade & Wings, you become one of the NPC forces who break their seal and people surrounding you are the players and furious enemies. Join this epic anime game and show your enemies no mercy as you fire them out of this chaos then build a new future with order.

Game Features of Blade & Wings:

[Explore Endless Adventures]
Traverse through beautiful dungeons and go on invigorating adventures through an intriguing novel-based storyline. Tackle challenging missions and crusade against what stands before you.

[Stunning 3D Gameplay Visuals]
Featuring a breathtaking fantasy 3 dimensional world beloved by fans of anime players marvel at this fully-featured, unique MMORPG on their mobile device. Blade & Wings breaks the trends of traditional mobile games and brings a new gaming experience to its players.

[Tame Epic Bosses into Pets]
Defeat the various world demons and dungeon bosses for a chance to tame these vicious monsters from questland to fight by your side. Continue to strengthen and power up your hero by collecting rare equipment and emblem materials in the fierce daybreak arena.

[Intense Real-time PvP War Battles & Cross-Server Events]
With heroic contests aplenty and fantasy battlegrounds galore, players can experience both PvP and PvE action in Blade & Wings. Team up with brave guild-mates, and establish a frontier of legacy awakening. Challenge every master from different servers in Arena, Honor Battle, World Boss, etc.

[Numerous Outfits & Mounts]
With a wealth of unique outfits, legendary pets, and mighty mounts to choose from, players have a nearly infinite amount of ways to customize their heroes.

[Level Up Offline]
Set your hero to train while you are away and you will return to a stronger, more powerful hero to battle with. Rank to the champions list and enhance power without all the hours of grinding!

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