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Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles apk

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles apk for free.

Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles apk icon

Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles

Relax, enjoy and train your brain with Puzzle Crown, a classic jigsaw puzzle game with 1000's of high quality picture puzzles in variety of different collections suitable for both adults and children.

Puzzle Crown offers lots and lots of premium and free jigsaw puzzle packs, daily free gift puzzles and you can even build your own puzzles from family photos and images.

Every piece of the our jigsaw puzzle is unique and is individually crafted and designed to ensure a authentic and pleasant experience for all those who love playing classic jigsaw puzzles.

Top features:

• 1000's of high definition jigsaw puzzles in different collections.
• Lots of free puzzles to play and enjoy, with more puzzle packs and gifts added regularly.
• Play Classic Jigsaw Puzzles everyday for free in our daily free gifts section.
• Puzzles suitable for both adults and children.
• 10 different puzzle styles, up to 522 jigsaw pieces and combine with the rotating option it is suitable for all jigsaw lovers.
• Create your own jigsaw puzzles from your personal photos and images.
• Adjust the style and difficulty of the puzzles and get big rewards.
• Unique jigsaw puzzle styles and cuts, Classic, Figural and Spiral.
• Individually crafted and designed puzzle pieces, no computer generated cuts.
• Easy controls, pinch zoom and pan to filter remaining jigsaw pieces.
• Save completed jigsaw puzzles on your device or share them with your friends and family.

Happy playing jigsaw puzzles with Puzzle Crown!

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Ashley Dickens

this is an updated review. my issues have been fixed by the very patient support crew, even gave me extra points for my troubles. one thing I would like and that is to have a separate section for the puzzles that I have completed. you say the we can save the puzzles ,but i havnt done so. is there a way to recover and group completed puzzles..the puzzles seem to appear in different places. showing purchased on some but in another section they are for prchase. bit confusing... a great app. otherwis

Dr. Remington Hermann Jr.

What an insanely nice puzzle! I haven't even hooked my 1st piece and I'm hooked! I usually turn off music in all of my games but i actually dig this one's! OMG! The zoom follows you around the puzzle! Awesome!... back edges complete... This is more fun than sitting at Grandma's, R.I.P., card table doing her puzzles (because she's not over my shoulder). LOL! Great graphics, acceptional controls, gameplay and options! Good show developers!!!

Mr. Demarco Jenkins III

Best puzzle app there is!! Has the best layout and format, most picture variety, and most puzzle piece options. You can do classic, spiral, or animal shaped pieces. There are tons of picture packages to pick from. You can even download your own pictures. The pieces are in a bar on the side of the puzzle that you scroll through instead of scattered all about. You can zoom in to a portion of the puzzle and only the pieces that go in that portion will show in the side bar.

Nakia Botsford

This is an updated review, the recent update has added better and more backgrounds and seemed to cure the random shut down problem. This is a solid jigsaw game. It has a wide variety of puzzles and varied play options. The controls on my tablet are small and can be difficult to use. (I play on a 10\" tablet). I like the game a lot and think it is a good choice for a jigsaw game.

Sean Mante Jr.

This is the best puzzle app I have tried. I like being able to scroll thru the pieces unlike the ones that are spread around the puzzle that are sometimes hard to find. I also like being able to separate the border pieces. Or not. And the different styles make it fun. Lots of variety in subject matter as well. I can make it easy enough for my 4 year old grandson, or a challenge for myself. And it is easy to earn enough points to buy more puzzles!

Kelley Torphy

I am yet to find the phrase that does proper justice to this amazing game. 5 stars are not enough, the rich colour, assortment of options to play with, the ability to save the finished work...simply fantastic. As an avid puzzler, I do believe, that this game may be able to quell the itch i have for collecting, solving and framing puzzles. Hat off, to the game developers.

Prof. Ashlee Schamberger DDS

Almost perfect jigsaw application. My only problem are couple of nitpicks: - After completing puzzle, the application shows the complete picture only in \"jigsaw\" mode, ie with all the piece separator lines visible. I'd like to take a moment to admire the complete view, undisturbed, after completing a puzzle. - All the jigsaws pictures look very similar with over saturated colors and general scenic/nature themes (with an occasional cute animal thrown in the mix). More variety, please. Admittedly, these are very minor issues. Otherwise this is clearly the best jigsaw application I've managed to find.

Bernita Boehm DVM

I'm a massive fan of jigsaw puzzles but they take up so much room even with something to wrap them up in. This app is brilliant! Choose from literally hundreds of different puzzles and choose your difficulty level. What a fantastic way to achieve a bit of mindfulness and relax. Highly recommend.

Abbey Bergstrom

Excellent game. So refreshing to find a game that is completely free with no annoying ads popping up every time you click on something. The puzzles are awesome, the pictures beautiful. Levels of difficulty to choose from. There's a collection for everybody. Best app I think I've ever downloaded. Thank you

Holly McLaughlin

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now. I switched because the last one I was using became ridiculously annoying with ads and was way too expensive to purchase. There are ads here but they don't interrupt doing the puzzle. The pictures are very nice and colorful and there are options for changing the shape of the puzzle pieces for each game, how many pieces in the puzzle as well as an option for rotating pieces. So far, I'm very happy with this game.