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My Little Pony: Harmony Quest

Budge Studios™ presents My Little Pony: Harmony Quest. This app takes your kid on a magical adventure to spread the spirit of friendship across Equestria. Gather all 6 ponies, use their special powers together and save the Tree of Harmony. Chase evil minions, solve puzzles and play fun mini games to bring back the six mystical jewels known to ponydom!

• TRAVEL to 6 regions across Equestria
• CATCH the evil minions
• FIND hidden keys and traps
• RESCUE captive ponies
• RECOVER the 6 Elements of Harmony

• PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLES: Move Objects and Solve Puzzles
• FLUTTERSHY: Lullaby and Animal Language
• APPLEJACK: Shake N Break and Catapult
• RAINBOW DASH: Fly through and Drop
• RARITY: Uncover and Stylize
• PINKIE PIE: Hypnotic Dance and Pinkie Sense

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Prof. Kamron Halvorson

Wish I could give a zero. I refuse to pay real money for something that clearly makes plenty of money off of the insane amount of advertisements. Yet there is no way to finish the game without buying anything. They should give us the option to watch a video or so to earn \"cash\" the way so many other games do. It's a dirty trick to get children into the game only to tell them half way through that they can't play anymore if Mommy or Daddy don't pay up. I am uninstalling.

Prof. Ciara Greenholt DDS

Downloaded the app for my son, and he was really enjoying it. After about an hour, he could no longer play it as the missions required 5 ponies. There were no available missions or any way to start it with just 4 at that point on. I don't mind ads in a free game, but if you're required to buy more characters after an hours worth of play, then I feel like it should be said upfront.

Anjali Marquardt

Yes this game does work, but why $60.00 just to unlock 1 pony!? And sometimes you need 5 ponies for a quest but, uh oh, you have 4! This game only wants money💸!😡 I think this is unfair, my little sister now can't play because we need to buy Flutter Shy and Rarity just to finish the game. I thought these games were all about fun and not paying all day long to play.😢😠 I don't think I'll give this a 5 star until this is fair.

Virgie Lehner

Sorry, but I'm not a fan of this one. First, the ads belong before and after levels, not during. Second, more ponies are required to be purchased in order to continue early on. Third, from the other reviews, it seems like the purchases aren't even permanent. Fourth, the game is mostly button mashing anyway, so you're really not paying for much to begin with. This game was an utter disappointment, Budge. How could you think this game was okay to release?

Salvador Harris

To play this game to the end you need to purchase ponies, which is fine, i helped my daughter purchase rarity and fluttershy to complete the game, a week later she can no longer complete the game as suddenly we have to purchase rainbow dash to, i refuse to pay for any more ponies as im sure next week it will be pinky pie. my 5 year old is absolutely heart broken, as she does not understand why she can no longer play a game she work so hard to get (star chart). so disappointed

Prof. Arno Walsh

You fartheads even add purchases in little kids' games don't you get ashamed breaking the hearts of young children when they realize they can't play the game any more or get more characters. Do you realize how their happiness of playing the game of their favourite cartoon show turns into sadness and tears? You don't because you only think of yourself and making money from desperate children. I wish I could give this game Zero stars because of the scam you're doing. U made my sister bcuz of this.

Keon Beier

I am the big sister of a young girl who installed this app because she loves my little pony. She played a certain amount of levels just enough to get past the toutorial and then she couldn't play anymore. This was because the ponies that she needed were all locked and she needed real money to unlock them. I don't think it is ok to say that an app is free then find out that you can't even play it all the way without paying real money. Please respond and anyone who agrees please do not download!

Owen Bosco

we will help you out with that has been going really hard for you 😘♥️❤️ I love the idea of a app. thanks so much for your idea . you are so sweet to me and I will make sure that you are doing well I hope you have a great time thanks!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Soo much for all your help.!!!!¡!!!!! Love Emma! yooooooooooooooooôoooooooooou are amazing and I love you so much and I'm so happy for you guys and and I love you too and I will be there at the same time.

Audie Simonis

this game is a joke i purchased all the ponys twice. And twice they disappeared in two days.My daughter is extremely upset since I refuse to buy them again. Give my daughter the ponys back and I may give a good review. My suggestion is do not buy the ponys this app will rip you off!!!!!!

Elena Rice

too many adds! there's just too many adds!one second im playing the game,the other im watching a add,oh and why do you have to make it that in the start you have only Twilight,Pinkie and applejack!?you know kids have there favourite character right?!