Best magnifying glass with light - Flash to Torch apk icon

Best magnifying glass with light - Flash to Torch apk

Download Best magnifying glass with light - Flash to Torch apk for free.

Best magnifying glass with light - Flash to Torch apk icon

Best magnifying glass with light - Flash to Torch

Unleash the true power of camera with software zoom in an easy to use magnifier with flashlight. Pause magnifier midway and capture magnified images.


Get a few times higher magnification (zoom) compared to similar apps and the inbuilt camera app with the help of software zoom.
Software zoom allows to magnify even if camera doesn't support zoom at all. Get magnifying power similar to a microscope with back or selfie camera.

✔ Multi-window support on devices with Nougat and above.
✔ Supports latest Android Pie and Slices.
✔ Ad free premium subscription available for purchase.

✔ Multiplies camera magnification power with software zoom.
✔ Magnifies on camera that doesn't support zoom.
✔ Supports pinch to zoom.
✔ Pause magnifier to freeze the camera.
✔ Save and share magnified images.
✔ Take images after delay using Timer.
✔ Choose what the Volume keys do.
✔ Flashlight for better visibility at high zoom levels.
✔ Manually adjustable white-balance and exposure.
✔ Continuous auto focus with tap to focus immediately.
✔ Adjustable focus modes with adjustable Auto manual refocusing.
✔ Additional lens accessory not necessary.
✔ Remembers last zoom level and camera used.
✔ Setting to prevent device from sleeping while magnifier is open.
✔ Achieves greater magnification and clarity, compared to a real magnifying glass, on most devices.

✔ Works while the app is in background.
✔ Supports front and back camera LED flash.
✔ Large multicolored buttons for fast and easy operation of torch.
✔ Screenlight included and can be used along with flashlight for additional brightness.
✔ Useful on devices with large selfie flashlight.
✔ Brighter than inbuilt system torch on many devices.

• Useful like a magnifying lens to read in absence of spectacles for people with farsightedness, nearsightedness, and other eye problems.
• Read and capture tiny text of disclaimers and details on advertisements and labels with the help of magnifying glass.
• View small hallmarks on ornaments like with a loupe.
• See tiny electronic parts without a separate loupe. Useful for soldering and reading fine prints on Integrated Circuits, transistors, etc. with magnifying glass.
• Observe tiny objects, insects and creatures as you would with microscope.
• Capture magnified images of tiny things.
• Detect and find mites as if with a loupe.
• Magnify and capture images in the dark.
• Use it as a magnifying lens to find dead pixels on screens.
• Possibly use to check camera quality, detect fake material, currency notes, etc.
• See in the dark. No need to keep and maintain separate torch for light.
• Use front torch on devices with bigger front flash than back flash.
• Use magnifier to pause camera and read anything in hard to reach places like a label stuck behind TV.
• Get two way light using back flashlight and screen light together.
• Type while reading small text with magnifier using multi-window support.

• Camera permission is required to start magnifier or torch.
• File storage permission is required to save captured images.
• It is technically not possible to start both back and front flash together.
• Images are not captured at camera resolution, but captured somewhat around the device screen resolution because, software zoom processes magnification at that resolution.

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Soledad Dach

Way, way, way better than any other magnifying app in the Store! I am amazed at how much this app will magnify something. Clear magnification, can look at things with phone's flashlight and take photos, too?! Sign me up, boys! BTW, I am NOT the developer or associated with them in any way. I'm just really impressed.

Marietta Leffler

I've talked a couple of friends into trying this app, who assumed that the app was only as good as the camera. They were surprised to find that it greatly exceeded their expectations! However, it is worth mentioning that when you turn the phone horizontally, it doesnt adjust. So it only takes portrait photos. But its easy enough to bring the photo into another app and edit the orientation.

Prof. Ollie Lesch

my ex has had me download several of these apps to look at some things as part of her hobby and honestly they have all been pretty crappy, except this one, it is legit a really good magnifyer. i would recommend to anyone who can really use one. btw this is the only app out of hundreds that i have ever felt compelled to write a comment on. thanks

Justyn Gislason

Excellent App! I use it to examine everything (but mainly to check out my coin and stamp collections). The ability to take pics inside the app saves a lot of time.. LOVE IT.

Prof. Louvenia Gleason MD

a real big help for my daily visual needs. i just use it for magnification when needed, such as reading label contents and packaging instructions. thanks

Clementina Streich III

Slightly scary terms and conditions to agree to at start, otherwise it's a genuinely well laid out useful app. My only improvement would be an option to turn the image into a negative, as seen on similar magnifying apps. This is useful when trying to read white text on a black background.

Jamie Auer

Small things look very big like a microscope. Works very well. Plain to use.

Prof. Andres Glover

Great Magnifier. Works well. App is simple to use and has beautifully designed UI.

Joaquin Robel

Impressive Magnification. Beautiful UI design. Works well and simple to use.

Angeline Kshlerin

works pretty well with no problem easy to use . I Love it.